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About the One Hour Millionaire

Create a Powerful Money Plan



One hour millionaire course

Money shouldn’t be complicated or stressful

Reach Your Financial Goals

Will your current money plan help you reach a million dollars? Most people aren’t sure. Maybe you feel like you’re not making progress as fast as you want.

Maybe you have some questions when it comes to your money plan. When is the right time to start investing? Should you pay off all your debt first? How much can you put towards short term goals, like a new car or big trip vs saving for retirement?

I believe a good money plan shouldn’t take too much time. Just one hour a month! And it should give you confidence you’re making smart money moves that will help you get out of debt, start investing, and reach a million dollars (or whatever amount works for you!). 


About Jillian

My Money Story

Despite wanting more financial freedom, when Adam and I got married we were $55,000 in debt. 

So each month we sat down for a money meeting to try to figure this out. It took a lot of trial and error. I read hundreds of books, took classes and hired teachers!

It took over 15 years, but we not only paid off all the debt, we also became millionaires. 

The One Hour Millionaire course will help fast track your money education, confidence, and progress in the next 21 days! 


Why the One Hour Millionaire Course Works!

It takes about 1 hour a day of exercise to be in great shape if you have a powerful training program.

But what about your financial health?

If you have a powerful money plan, you can become a millionaire with one hour a month. This course will help you create that plan over the next 21 days.

What you get in the 1 Hour Millionaire Course

  • 21+ videos
  • 21 daily lessons
  • 48 pages of printable worksheets
  • Bonus: Mindful Money videos and worksheets to help you rewrite your money mindsets and patterns
  • Bonus: Submit questions for live or recorded Question and Answer sessions with Jillian and Money Coach Mel


Better $ Conversations

People who build wealth know how to talk about money with friends, partners, or family. I’ll show you how to take the fear and fights out of money conversations.

Create a powerful 1 hour plan

Your money shouldn’t take a lot of time or be complicated. You’ll create a simple but powerful money plan that you can do in 1 hour!

Uncover unhelpful Mindsets

If you’ve never felt “good with money” you might have some unhelpful mindsets or patterns. These can make progress slow. But after you’re aware, you can rewrite them. 

Learn All the pieces

By the end of the course, you can confidently answer any question about your money! Debt pay off plan? Investment strategy? Emergency fund amount? YUP! You’ll know all the important pieces of your finances!


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From Our Founder

All the Financial Education You Need for Less than $10 a Month

My mission is to help you become “good with money” because I believe if we can figure that out, you will be empowered to  build a meaningful and enjoyable life! 

With the yearly option, you get all the financial education you need at one low price. 

Cheaper than any college class, this class will help you keep more of the money you make! 

You’ll get access to this course, plus all future updates.

You’ll also get access to all future mini courses, included in your yearly price.

One low yearly price, all the financial education you need! That comes to less than $10 a month.  


Add a 1-on-1 Coaching Call

Money coaching

No Money Fights

Trying to figure out your budget, review your spending, or deciding how much to start saving for retirement causes stress, avoidance or money fights for a lot of people. A money coach can help facilitate those conversations so they are relaxed and productive. 

Jillian coaching

Customize Your Plan

Everyone’s financial challenges are different. A money coach can help you customize your 1-hour money plan to fit your unique situation. A money coach can also help you figure out answers to any more complicated financial questions you have. 

Jillian money coaching


Sometimes when a task feels daunting, it’s helpful to have an expert to do it with you and help you get going.

To start, you might want a money-smart coach to be your guide and have a scheduled time on your calendar. 

It’s like a personal trainer for your money!

Meet The 1 Hour Millionaire Money Coach

one hour millionaire money coaching

Hi, I’m Mel! 

I graduated with a business degree and $25,000 of debt in 2010. While my focus was on paying off my debt as quickly as possible, my partner and I discovered the possibility of becoming financially independent at a young age. 


When we became parents in 2014, we had already built up 200K of net worth. At that moment, we crafted a 10-year plan to reach financial independence by 2025. 


By 2017 our house was paid off. I started helping out family and friends with their own finances and blogging about financial independence. Having seen first-hand how having clarity around your finances can be life-changing, I fell in love with supporting others on their own path. 


Meanwhile, our progression towards financial independence surpassed our initial projections. We had reached 80% of our targeted financial independence number in 2020, about 3 years earlier than we expected. This led me to take the decision to leave my career as a public servant to focus exclusively on financial coaching.


I absolutely love tackling debt pay off, adapting budgeting tools & customizing financial independence plans. I’m excited to provide extra support and accountability to help remove the uncertainty as you craft your own 1-Hour Millionaire plan and help you through your own unique challenges.

1 Course purchased = 1 course donated

A Powerful Money Plan for Everyone


For every 1 Hour Millionaire course purchased, I’m donating one course to people with low income. 

From growing up in a low-income family to becoming a millionaire, I know how powerful a money plan can be to change your entire life trajectory. 

I want that transformation to be accessable to every person. 

To qualify: individual income under $25,000 or family income under $40,000 a year. 

To apply: email jillianjohnsrud@gmail.com

JIllian Johnsrud money coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in the Course?

The One Hour Millionaire course includes:

  • 21 daily lessons (you’ll get a few days off to catch up or rest!)
  • 30 videos explaining the lessons in more detail
  • A digital 85+ page workbook that you can download and print
  • Budget worksheets, debt tracker and payoff worksheets, the One Hour Money plan worksheet


  • Mindful Money lessons with videos and worksheets to help you explore your money mindsets, stories, and patterns that might be slowing your progress 
  • You can submit questions for live or recorded question and answer sessions with Money Coach Mel and Jillian
Should I do the Course or 1-on-1 Coaching?

The OHM Course will have all the information and worksheets you need to complete your One Hour Millionaire Money plan. 

Coaching can be a wonderful addition that will help facilitate more productive money conversations, customize your plan and provide accountability and encouragement to keep going. 

In all areas of life, coaching helps people go further, faster. No matter if it’s learning a new language or training for a sport. 

It’s the same with a money coach. You’ll make more progress with less frustration. 

What if I can't Start Right Away or Need More than 21 Days to Finish?

You can start whenever works for you! You will have access to all the content in your online classroom. 

You can also go at your own pace if you need more time. 

Is Coaching a One Time Thing or Can I Get Ongoing Coaching?

Some people only need the Discovery call to help answer a challenging question or customize their one hour money plan to accommodate a tricky situation. 

But ongoing money coaching can be a game changer for a lot people! After your Discovery call, your money coach will answer any questions about ongoing coaching. 


Why a yearly price instead of one time price?

My goal is to give everyone as complete of a financial tool kit and education as possible for the lowest cost possible. 

Instead of charging a high one time cost for a course that might work for you or might not, I wanted to make it affordable for everyone. This course should help you grow your net worth by hundreds and thousands of dollars, often in the first few months. 

The second reason for a yearly price is I want this to be all inclusive. Instead of charging for multiple course, the One Hour Millionaire is where all my financial education classes will be. All for one low price. Some content creators have a $500 course, plus a $300 course, plus a $400 course, so you end up paying high prices for any new information you want later on your financial journey. With a low yearly price, you will automatically have access to all future money courses I create at no extra cost. You’ll never be missing out on the latest and greatest information. 

At the end of the day, this allows me to focus on creating the best content out there at one affordable price, instead of always trying to sell new courses. 

If after you finish the One Hour Millionaire, you got what you needed and want to cancel, you can cancel at any time. And rejoin whenever you need to or if you are interested in the new content.