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Automate Your Investments

Now that you understand how to invest, start automating your investments. M1 Finance is a 100% free investment platform where you can borrow, spend, and invest all in one place. 

Financial Focused Resources

Intentional Living Online Course

You can write your own rules and design a life that reflects the things that matter most to YOU! 

Financial Focused Resources

Track Your Personal Finances

One of the first steps to understanding your finances is to track it. Personal Capital is a personal finance tracker that combines all of your accounts into a single chart that gives you an easy to understand visual. 

Financial Focused Resources

Grow the Gap Online Course

This course helps you create a money saving plan that leverages all of YOUR best opportunities! Are you ready to create an effective and custom plan for your money? Grow the Gap. Guard the Gap. 

Financial Focused Resources

Increase your Savings

Once you’ve identified the gap, you’ll want to save some of that. At CIT Bank you can earn up to 0.40% APY with a Savings Builder account that gives you easy access to your money, plus a high APY.

Financial Focused Resources

Affordable Meals

Need some new meal ideas? Print out an easy to see menu card with all your favorite $1 meals.

Financial Focused Resources

A Simple Path to Wealth

Interested in going beyond savings and looking at starting to invest. Read “A Simple Path to Wealth” to learn more about

Financial Focused Resources

Travel Rewards

Interested in saving money, but still want to travel? Utilizing Chase’s credit cards to earn travel reward points to help you travel for free.  

Financial Focused Resources

Tracking Finances with Spreadsheets

If you prefer to utilize spreadsheets for tracking your finances. Tiller allows you to track all your financial information in spreadsheets without you having to enter data manually.

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