A Road Map to Your Best Life


You can write your own rules and design a life that reflects the things that matter most to YOU! 

Create the road map to

Living with Intention

This course covers 10 simple exercises to get you started on living your one wild and precious life. Each lesson is a 5-10 video. Followed by some thinking, chatting or writing a few notes with the worksheet.  


  • Gain clarity on what your best life looks like and how to get started
  • Guide you step-by-step to design your best life
  • It is simple and FREE! Can it get much easier?



6,000 People have taken the course!

The Intentional Living Course has reached over 6,000 people! Can’t wait to see how everyone builds their intentional life.

loved it

Just finished the Intentional Living mini course. Overall I loved it and have the pencil scribbles to prove it. 


designing my custom life

Thank you Jillian! Your course made me think about making more slow, calculated transitions in life, vs. rushing to make big/sudden lifestyle changes. Thanks to you I’m thinking more long term and designing my own custom life.