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One-on-one coaching

Areas of Expertise 

"2nd Chapter" Transitions

Many of my clients were successful in their “1st Chapter”. They paid off debt, invested and progressed in their careers. But now they are wondering, “Could life look different?” They want the second chapter to be in more alignment with their values. Maybe it’s work with more purpose or a better use of their skills. Maybe it’s time to invest in their relationships, health, hobbies or just a more restful pace.  Crafting a meaningful 2nd Chapter requires a clear vision and often bold action. Coaching can help with both!


Are you ready for a break? Take a month or longer off of your 9-5 job to focus on what matters most. Jillian has taken a dozen mini-retirements and helped dozens of coaching clients do the same. No matter if your an employee or self employed you can plan your exit and make sure the time away is life-changing! People use often use this time to travel, rest or reimagine what they want to do next professionally. A mini-retirement is a huge financial commitment, and coaching will help you get the most out of it! 


CEO of Your Life

A good CEO articulates a strong vision for the company’s values and direction. Then, they understand the role each critical area plays in that plan. Your life needs the same attention and intention. What are your biggest pillars: career, family, health, travel, lifestyle? In this coaching, you will not only articulate the full vision, but we will look at the pillars that need some attention. For the weak spots, we will create action steps to close the gap between your vision and reality. Between the clarity, accountability, and clear action steps, all the important areas of your life will gain momentum. 

Are you Ready for Change?


I help people navigate large life changes and business challenges. Change is hard – but with coaching you will have a clear plan and ongoing accountability to help you make massive progress!



Each coaching experience is specifically tailored for your needs. The process starts with onboarding homework to help clarify your thinking and make our time more productive. Then we have a series of 4 calls. These calls are a mix of consulting (using my experience and expertise to give you specific next steps) and coaching (helping you figure out your challenges and solutions), accountability, and problem solving. All together it helps people make massive progress.



Coaching Package

What does Coaching Entail?

Amazing things can happen when we have accountability and a clear plan!

What our work will look like:

  • Four 55-minute 1-on-1 calls spanning 2-3 months
  • Lifetime access to the videos and worksheets that will support your growth
  • Email support
  • Full custom, actionable plan for your next 12 months

While we look at things across your life, we will focus on one or two areas of focus.

If you are ready for some change, I’d love to help you get there!

Ready to sign up?

Getting Started

Apply for a spot

Your first step is to apply for a spot. I only work with people who are a great fit and I’m confident you can make great progress. I’ll review your application and make a suggestion. If it’s not a great fit, I’ll suggest other options. 

Create Your Coacing Plan

We will look at your long-term goals and values, then create a comprehensive step-by-step plan. 

Clarity, helpful perspective, and accountability, combined with homework and action items. 

Reach Your goals

 After we create a full plan, we will check in to address challenges and find the next high leverage steps you need to take.

If you do not receive the email or a success notification after submitting your information, please email tech@jillianjohnsrud.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you Normally Coach?

People who are ready to make a change!

They have a few traits in common.

1. They are ready to do difficult and honest work. They don’t just show up to chit chat. They want to see a lot of personal growth, create a clear financial plan, navigate a transition into a new career or FIRE, or build a life they would never retire from.

2. They are open to feedback, clarity, and direction. They are willing to try things, even if it’s uncomfortable.

3. They think the quality and impact of their life matters. Their personal and professional growth matters. How aligned their lifestyle and work is to their purpose and values has merit. So while many are frugal, they aren’t cheap when it comes to living their best life.

Should I do the Courses or 1-on-1 Coaching?

The courses will have all the information and worksheets you need to complete your plan.

Coaching can be a wonderful addition that will help facilitate more productive conversations, customize your plan and provide accountability and encouragement to keep going.

In all areas of life, coaching helps people go further, faster. No matter if it’s learning a new language or training for a sport.

It’s the same with a coach. You’ll make more progress with less frustration.

Is this like Life Coaching? Business Coaching? Financial Coaching?

I’m a progress coach. We will look at your big life vision and then pick 1-2 areas to focus on making massive progress.

The process looks like this:

1. Clarifying your goals and what you want your life or business to look like.

2. Figuring out the true motivations and challenges for those goals.

3. Creating a plan to pull that off!

4. Finding the 5 things you have to do NOW from the 100 things you SHOULD be doing.

5. Problem-solving, accountability, encouragement, honest feedback, and expert advice.

I work in a loose framework but focus entirely on where you want to go in the next few years and what you need to do to make that happen.

The end result looks very different for each person depending on where they are going and what they need.

Some calls feel like straight business coaching, creative coaching, mentoring, life coaching, or a heartfelt and hard talk with your BFF. Sometimes I hold space (if you are close to figuring it out). Sometimes I give really clear, step by step, get this stuff done advice.

Who is Coaching NOT right for?

That’s actually a much longer list than who it IS right for.

While I think everyone could use a coach, I DON’T think everyone should apply with me or right now.

Who shouldn’t apply:

1. You don’t really want to change….anything.

2. You don’t have the time or energy to invest in yourself. (Even a few hours a week.)

3. You’re cheap. You honestly don’t think improving your life and work has any value.

4. You are a grump. Coaching is a very close working relationship. We will be spending HOURS together. If your a grumpy, negative, complain about everything kind of person, it won’t be fun for either of us.

5. You’re not ready. Some people simply aren’t ready to see growth. They are scared, angry, bitter, ambivalent, or hopeless. A little scared is fine. We are all a little scared. But you have to bring the hope, optimism, and motivation.



Making Changes

I had been planning my escape from full-time bureaucratic work for more than eight years.
As of this writing, I am leaving my job at the end of next week. I already have two part-time jobs (and one starting in September), all of which I LOVE!

I would never have gotten here on my own, certainly not for many years more. I am excited and grateful and stunned and happy all at once!


Narrowing my Focus

Jillian’s framework for self-reflection and exploring goals was essential to narrowing my focus. I have a plan, a budget, and a timeline–all subject to further refinement, but I’m on my way, and have started to take real steps to prepare.

Accountability and Encouragement

I knew I didn’t want to stay stuck in debt with no form of traction to get out of the mess I had created. I just needed a better plan, some accountability and encouragement.
I’m on an entirely different path now and am really excited to see what the next few years bring.



Karen‘s Story:

Jillian’s unique intersection of career, financial, and lifestyle expertise – combined with her intentional coaching process – have been so helpful! Being at the start of a new season with new goals and dreams, I wanted a little more direction. Jillian helped me think through and refine my career, financial, and life goals. Her coaching was the exact right fit, and I’m so grateful! 


Brice’s Story:

I knew I was in a good spot to make a lot of progress on in my personal finances, but even after a few years with a great paying job I still had $60,000 in debt. I knew I didn’t want to stay stuck in debt with no form of traction to get out of the mess I had created. I just needed a better plan, some accountability and encouragement.

After the first 3 months of mentoring, I paid off $18,000 in student loans! I will be debt free by the end of the year! (Brice Update: He paid off $60,000 in debt and is aggressively saving now!)

I’m on an entirely different path now and am really excited to see what the next few years bring. Working with Jillian, I was able to get really clear on where I want to go and what steps I need to take to get there. (Brice Update: We are now working on building Passion Income to transition careers!) 


Jarrod‘s Story:

My partner and I were stuck. We were at a crossroads with marriage, kids, and our careers but didn’t know how to structure future-focused conversations or how to create an actionable plan. Jillian helped us identify our common goals, get organized, and stay accountable. In a relatively short amount of time, we were making significant progress, communicating better, and feeling energized.

Jillian’s coaching helped us identify the things that were holding us back, think outside the box, and ultimately take action. It forced us to think about our life together and how to build a future in a deeper, more meaningful way. We are very grateful to Jillian for her help and guidance. We would recommend her coaching to anyone who feels stuck, is looking for direction, or needs help making progress towards their goals.



Rachel’s Story:

Jillian’s guidance has been invaluable to making progress within my business. I was taking a career break to experiment with creating a digital course, and after spending several months agonizing over small details and sitting in indecision, I finally decided it was time to hire a coach for some direction.

I’d always admired Jillian’s work, but I’d never hired a coach before. A friend of mine said her experience with Jillian as a coach was life changing, and I’d completely agree. Jillian was able to help me clarify my goals by providing clear, simple action steps to take, then she helped me prioritize and create timeframes to start executing on those steps.

Immediately all of the overwhelm I had been feeling vanished, and I felt a new sense of clarity and excitement for creating my business. I accomplished more in one month after working with Jillian that I had in the prior six months!

Video Testimonial


 Audra was in the midst of a career change. She had a lot of ideas and reached out for coaching and guidance. Jillian coached Audra through the ensuring her ideas were aligned with her core ideals and values. Making her feel comfortable and confident in the decisions she was making. 

Audra and her husband quit their traditional jobs and have been able to spend their time present in their daughter’s life. They’ve also had an opportunity to take a 3-week trip to a different country. Allowing them time to test out different ways they can live their lives. 

Things that they have planned for the last 3 years are coming to life. Because Jillian understands components of financial, life, and core values, she helps provide perspective to build the lifestyle Audra and her family want.   


Video Testimonial


Peter was debating if he should free himself from his current career to do his best work. Once Peter left his job, there was a lot of energy and ideas. This can be extremely overwhelming. 

Jillian helped coach Peter through all of the ideas and directions he wanted to go. By having him focus in one of the ideas that best aligns with his deep motivations and something he can be most effective at. She helped him identify the gaps in his ideas and enabled him to build on one of his next big entrepreneurial goals. 

Jillian helped build a plan for the Peter’s post-FI transition. Going beyond health, personal and family goals. Possibly building a new start-up company, which has come true. 

Coming out of this transition, Peter’s actions and goals are aligned with his deepest motivations and skills he brings to the table.  


Video Testimonial


Sarah was feeling stuck. She had been living a pretty good life, but thought there could be more to it. She wanted to create a life that had more balance and vision. Sarah had forgotten how to dream. 

Jillian’s coaching has helped Sarah remember how to dream and set out measurable goals to work towards. Jillian has taught her how to have the hard conversations; talking about her feelings, what she wants, how to get there, and guiding her through how to have these conversations. Allowing Sarah to build goals and have the hard discussions. 

This coaching program has changed Sarah’s life. Allowing her to live a richer fuller life. 


Video Testimonial


Rana was looking to change careers and had financial and retirement goals. She needed help creating a vision and path on how to reach her goals. She wanted someone to help walk along this path with her. Rana wanted to live a more unconventional life. With Jillian’s experience, she knew that this coaching would be a good fit. 

Jillian’s coaching sessions would cover goals and plans for what should be worked on in-between calls. Jillian helps bring the support to help through some of the tougher spots. The accountability played a big role in getting started and building momentum. 

Rana had a reservation when starting the coaching process, which was she didn’t have a quantifiable goal. This coaching process focused on personal growth, laying the foundation to build the quantifiable goals. If Rana hadn’t gone through the coaching of “test & scale”, there would have been no way that she would have been able to move to the next level.   



Kat’s Story:

I had been planning my escape from full-time bureaucratic work for more than eight years.  My dream had been to leave full time (meaningless, awful) government work and instead do jobs I loved; fun, meaningful and useful work that was also flexible and part-time. But despite paying off all debt and having money saved, I knew there was a very large chance I wouldn’t pull the trigger, out of fear of trading a known income for an unknown or much lesser one. 

That first call, I remember feeling really afraid of failure… what if I left my good (but depressingly meaningless) job to try ‘fun jobs’ and found that they were awful too? Or that I couldn’t make a living?  What if I languished?


You (Jillian)said, “You clearly have always been a highly productive contributor, and you will continue to be.  You will be fine, you just have to step into it before you can see PAST the fear in front of you (blocking your view) into the benefits of the new life.”  I felt both ‘heard’, and yet reassured at the same time. I couldn’t believe in myself at that point, but I could believe that YOU might be right about things, and that was enough to take action at first.

As of this writing, I am leaving my job at the end of next week. I already have two part-time jobs (and one starting in September), all of which I LOVE! One professional work for a non-profit I had been volunteering with, the other two being fun flexible meaningful jobs on my ’50’s bucket list’.

I would never have gotten here on my own, certainly not for many years more.  I am excited and grateful and stunned and happy all at once!

It was the best money I have ever spent in my life. Mentorship was PERFECT for me, someone who is very fiscally responsible yet RISK averse.


Christine’s Story:

I had just committed to moving my family out of California and leaving my job. Jillian’s mentoring course seemed like the perfect opportunity to help me with this huge transition. I knew that having scheduled meetings and a coach giving me homework would help me carve out time to focus on myself. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get another 9-5 job or start my own business and I was seeking clarity.
I also wanted to work with someone who truly understands what it means to be “Financially Independent” in order to continue on my path toward FI.


The mentoring process has included several one-hour calls with Jillian, doing homework in the form of watching video lessons and completing worksheets, and doing the action steps that Jillian has helped me to identify in order to clarify and reach my goals. Jillian’s comments and questions have been very effective to help me manage my own anxiety and discomfort about trying to start a new business.
The mentoring process is great for anyone who is willing to spend time thinking, planning, and most importantly, taking action steps to progress toward their life goals. Personally, I think it’s a great value to work with someone who is so smart, organized, empathic, kind and driven. Thank you Jillian!!!


Monty’s Story:

I run Sportivecyclist.com a site about road bikes. When I read Jillian was going to be opening up a limited number of spots, I jumped at the chance. I’ve had the blog for 5 years but between working full time and three kids, I’ve been struggling to find the time and focus.

I signed on with Jillian to try to build and launch a product and really bring that focus. And really try something new. I’d heard about coaching in the business and sporting sense. I was interested to see how it would work in the context of me and my blog.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we came up with an idea (via market research, surveys, and reader feedback), developed a product and launched it. It brought in $1500 and showed that I could get tangible results and income from something I built.

I definitely recommend you sign on with Jillian if you get a chance. Working with a coach who is so attuned to building audiences and focused on getting results to move the process forward.

When you have a limited amount of time, you really need someone to hold your hand to the fire and make sure you are delivering.


Jenny’s Story:

I signed up because I’d really been struggling with work. I wasn’t sure if it was time for a new job, or if I just needed to be doing (or thinking through) things differently at my current job. I’d been trying different strategies both at work and with the rest of my life to create more balance but I still felt very stuck.

 Jillian’s exercises helped me clarify my goals, motivations, and challenges, and I think the most helpful part has been talking through the exercises with her. Some things are clearer to an outsider, and I really don’t think I would have gotten to certain breakthroughs if Jillian hadn’t pointed me there. What’s really surprised me is that I decided to work with Jillian specifically to work on my career, but I’ve actually made progress in several other areas of my life too!

I was inspired by Jillian’s post about ‘becoming your best boss ever‘ to set aside money to invest in my professional development, and I think this was the best possible way I could have allocated those funds!
I honestly can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in these past three months. Working through the exercises gave me clarity on where I want to be and what I want to achieve, and then talking with Jillian and learning about different tools and how to use them has helped me move forward even when I hit a barrier. 


Ann’s Story:

Since the beginning of 2017 I’ve been trying to create a side business and have been considering a career change. I found myself getting stressed out and overwhelmed trying to become more productive in my life which was slowing down my forward progress.

I’ve always been into DIY (Do It Yourself) everything. Although DIY is a good strategy, most of the time, if you are trying to make a significant/meaningful change in your life, it can be so beneficial to get outside help.

Jillian is such an encouraging and supportive mentor. She really has a knack for breaking down huge goals into manageable tasks and brainstorming ways to overcome challenges. Her insight and long-term focus have helped me to see that I was suffering from some self-limiting beliefs and that I was operating only in my comfort zone.


Rachel’s Story:

I wanted to design a life where income was passion and passive based and where I could work as a solopreneur in my business doing what I love. I wanted someone to give guidance where I needed it, and to provide accountability.

I’m excited about this new phase of my business. I have made far more progress than I could have on my own, and the next 5 years are far different to what I imagined when we began mentoring.

This is for highly motivated people who are ready to put in the time and effort required to make progress.