Class + Coaching

1 class + 3 coaching Calls

Pick any class then add coaching! The class will give you all the tools, ideas, and information you need to make progress. Three hour long 1-on-1 coaching calls will let you customize your plan, overcome setbacks, benefit from accountability, and supercharge your progress! 


Why Add Coaching



The class provides great accountability and structure to learn the ideas. Coaching gives you accountability and structure to DO THE WORK! It gets you going instead of just learning. Because you learn all the ideas in the class, we can use coaching to focus on ACTION. 


Resolve Challenges

Often unspoken challenges sabotage your progress. As challenges or hesitation arises, we can identify the things holding you back and resolve those challenges. No more getting stuck! 


Customize Your Plan

We will take all the information and tools you are learning in the class and customize them to your situation and your goals. Coaching can help “translate” the ideas to fit your life. You will get specific feedback that will super charge your plan but is out of the scope of the class.  


Mentoring "Lite"

There can be a lot of hesitation to jump into the 4 month mentoring program. A live class plus 3 coaching calls over 2 months, can help you get an amazing jump start on your progress. Then you can see if ongoing coaching is a good fit for you. 

Pick Any Class + 3 Coaching Calls

for $975


Jillian Johnsrud

Jillian Johnsrud

Ready to have a little fun while you make progress on your big goals and dreams?

Simply sign up for any class you are interested in then email me at [email protected] to add your two months of coaching. 

The Life Design class is the most similar to the content and structure of the Mentoring program. But you can select any course

You will have 3 55minute coaching calls over 2 months (the month of the class and the next month).