Retiring in your 30’s might seem crazy, but the path is actually well blazed. Save a high percentage of your income, keep expenses low, create some passive income….and then jump. Steve and Courtney from Think Save Retire and A Streamin Life.

We met up in Whitefish Montana to eat some ice cream and talk early retirement. Adam and I hit Work Optional two years ago and it’s been a fun and crazy ride. Steve and Courtney are on the same journey of figuring out what we really want to do with our lives once we no longer have to work for money.

  • Finding things you are passionate about before you retire
  • Creating some passion income
  • Testing out your retirement lifestyle before you start

Show notes:

  • 0:47 Steve hates his job
  • 1:15 Courtney starts with a sabbatical
  • 1:30 Combining passion + passive income
  • 2:05 Steve finding some passion income
  • 3:00 Making sure passion projects really are fun
  • 3:30 How he found a passion projects
  • 3:45 Starting your passion project BEFORE you retire
  • 4:22 How passion projects helped the transition to retire in your 30’s
  • 5:15 What does retirement mean to you?
  • 6:00 Test and Scale
  • 9:00 I should have asked you to subscribe at this point, but I’m a newbie
  • 9:10 This is the point I swear Steve was going to give me a HARD NO….
  • 9:18 Ok, he does say NO twice
  • 9:45 My fav part of the whole thing!
  • 10:24 Steve and I arm wrestle…almost
  • 10:30 Steve as a waving cat