The Hot Mess Joy Club (Part 2) is back!

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In previous episodes, Jillian has been emphasizing the idea that we don’t have to be completely perfect, just a little more courageous every day. And there is sure to be adventure along the journey! 

Jillian doesn’t love clothes shopping. She has always been on the tall side, and that has made finding clothes that fit nearly impossible. She used only one pair of jeans for nearly three years, and holes had started to form by her inner thighs from the rubbing. 

On her way to record this podcast, she decided it was time to look for a new pair. A sweet 19 year-old girl helped Jillian shop, much to her relief. The girl brought her in pair after pair to try on. 

“For me, last week, courage looked like slowly and painfully explaining to this adorable, wonderful, 19 year-old girl why all of the pants she was bringing to me just wouldn’t work on my amazing mom body.”

At the end, the girl asked if any of the pants worked for Jillian. Jillian desperately wanted to tell her the truth: absolutely none of them worked the way she wanted them to. However, she had to accept the fact that the only jeans she had, the ones she was wearing, had holes in the thighs…so she got herself a new pair of mom jeans! 

Jillian’s next hot mess moment is for all the moms out there, especially for all those with multiple kids. When she had only one or two kids, it was a lot easier to stay organized and on top of events, birthdays, and milestones. Now, at 5 kids, it’s a lot harder. Sometimes you just miss things.

Jillian realized how much she missed when her first-grader grabbed a book and started reading. Jillian didn’t know she could read! She was confused at first—do most first graders know how to read? 

“I had completely forgotten to teach this kid how to read.”

If you ever have a moment or day that feels like a complete mess, welcome to the Hot Mess Joy Club! 

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

[00:57] Jillian doesn’t like clothes shopping because she can never find anything that fits her tall figure right. For the last three years, she owned one pair of jeans that worked, and they had formed holes in the inner thigh area. 

[02:15] On her way out to film the podcast, Jillian realized that it was time to get a new pair of Jeans. A sweet 19 year-old girl helped her try on several pairs, but Jillian didn’t like the way any of them fit. She had to settle with a pair because she had no other choice.

[05:21] For those of us with several kids, it can be easy to forget important events and milestones in our children’s lives. 

[06:00] In Jillian’s second story, she realized that she had missed a big milestone when her first-grader started reading. Jillian was confused at first, and she wasn’t sure if it was even normal for a first grader to be reading!

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