Coach Carson is a trusted voice that Jillian seeks out when it comes to real estate investments. Hear helpful advice on how to make real estate a part of your ten-year plan towards financial independence on this episode of Everyday Courage. 

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Real estate is a great tool to help anyone reach financial independence. Just ask Jillian and her friend, Chad “Coach” Carson. 

Coach found great success “bird-dogging” for investors fresh out of college. When he found he had a real knack for discovering good deals for others, he took the plunge by creating his own real estate portfolio that quickly morphed into a career. 

In the first decade of flipping properties and buying rental properties, Chad was able to create a viable business that paid for all of his living expenses. Because he reached financial independence, this second decade has given him the gift of time. The freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship has allowed Coach Carson to pursue the things that matter most to him: time with family, friends, hobbies, and what he calls “social entrepreneurship”. 

Using real estate to move towards FI isn’t as complicated as you may think. Everyone is so busy, but Coach has simple strategies for making real estate investment achievable. 

“One of my favorite approaches ..is using your residence as your first investment. You can do what’s called the classic house hack. This is a code word for using your property to produce some rental income.” 

Bigger doesn’t have to be the goal. You can meet your financial goals by using real estate as one part of your journey to financial independence. 

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