This season is all about being ourselves bravely, and in this episode Doc G from Earn & Invest is with Jillian to share his inspiring story; a story that is a wonderful example of what bravely being ourselves looks like.

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Overcoming Disabilities

Doc G had three older brothers, and when he was just five, he would always look up to them, wishing he could be just like them. Through first and second grade, he struggled with spatial relationships, a disability that made it difficult to learn, read, and even tie his shoes. 

Three different tutors were working with him, and since he was a grade behind, his parents decided that it was in his best interest to move and change schools. However, that never happened.

Tragedy Soon Struck

Doc G’s father, a physician, was at work on his rounds when he suddenly collapsed. A blood vessel in his brain had burst, and too much damage had been done to save him. After the death of her husband, Doc G’s mother decided not to follow through with the move, and Doc G stayed at the school he was at. However, a remarkable thing happened. 

Over the following months, Doc G’s reading began to improve. He was even able to keep up with his grade. He continued tutoring until 7th grade, but the skills and study habits he learned from his tutors were invaluable. 

A Cup Half Full, Resiliency, and Triumph

A lot of people might look at his life and assume he was unlucky; he had a learning disability and he lost his father. However, Doc G looks at it differently. He had people all around him that loved and deeply cared about him.

“As opposed to seeing failures as roadblocks I couldn’t get passed, I started looking for ways around, or I started facing those roadblocks, falling down and trying again, because I knew where my endpoint was supposed to be.”

The death of his father had a big impact on his life path and goal. He wanted to be just like his father, and he pursued his dream of becoming a physician and helping people. Doc G had a complete shift in mindset. He went from lacking any confidence to being sure of what his end goal was, and he was determined to get there.

Doc G can’t change the past, but he can change the way he tells his story. Instead of seeing his story as sad and pathetic, he views it as a triumphant one. He created his future and lived his dream. It’s important to accept hardship as a part of our life and story while also highlighting our victories.

Doc G’s life experience taught him from a young age vulnerability. By embracing vulnerability, he has come to realize that everyone struggles, and it has allowed him to become more empathetic to people and their struggle. 

Empathy is simply being able to understand someone else’s journey and what got them to where they are. It’s allowing yourself to walk their walk. You don’t have to agree with it, but you understand what made them who they are.