When your audience grows, so will your critics. Tori Dunlap shares how she stays bold and vulnerable for her community, even when the haters come with the territory. 

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Tori Dunlap’s socials exploded from 30,000 followers to over a million last year. So it’s no surprise that her bold and vulnerable voice in the female finance community has garnered strong support. Unfortunately, however, her success has also elicited more criticism with that increased support. 

When starting, a common mistake is trying to gain as many followers as possible without ostracizing anyone. But then, no one really understands who you are or your brand. 

“If you are everything to everybody, you end up being nothing to nobody.”

Rather than being preoccupied with leaving certain people out, leading with her values has given Tori a vibrant community that gets her vision at Her First 100K. Does that make getting negative feedback easier? Not really. 

“Sometimes I think better of the world than it actually is.” 

Negative feedback, while part of the gig, is challenging to navigate. By giving yourself permission to be misunderstood and having real-life people who have earned the right to give you constructive criticism is crucial to staying sane through the ups and downs. 

When Tori had a TikTok go viral for the wrong reasons, she had to protect herself and her energy. In this situation, it meant turning off comments, deleting the apps off of her phone, and putting her team in charge of her socials. 

“If people are already pissed at you, nothing you say or do is going to look good.” 

It is your space; manage it in a way that is best for you. Thankfully the internet moves fast, and within a week or a month, most things blow over. Growth amplifies the voices supporting and critiquing your work. Is it worth it? Only you can decide that for yourself. However, Tori encourages entrepreneurs with these words: 

“Do not limit yourself because the world is harsh. The world will always be harsh, but it will also be joyful, and beautiful, and lovely.” 

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