Have you ever floated down a “lazy river” on an inner tube? It’s basically a fake tiny river. A slow but steady current pushes the tubes along. It’s not a lot of current or momentum. But if you’ve seen kids try to go the “wrong” way up the river, it’s hilariously difficult! It’s a miracle if they make it 20 feet.

So much of life feels like a lazy river. Just floating in a certain direction. Until you decide you want to go an entirely different direction. At this point, there are two options. You can try to thrash against the current and push your way upstream. Or you can pick up your tube and find a new lazy river where everyone is heading the direction you want to go.

Adam and I started our FIRE journey 16 years ago. Except we didn’t call it that. Because no one called it that. FIRE really wasn’t a thing yet! It’s still a fringe idea. It seems a little crazy that people could save up enough or create enough passive income so that work can become optional.

It’s was a lonely journey back then. Most days I had more doubt than hope. Personal finance blogs weren’t a thing. Shoot, the internet was hardly a thing!

The internet has bridged a lot of gaps. With blogs and social media. All of that helps find connections. But nothing beats real time with real people.

I’ve met up with readers over ice cream and coffee. I’m a big fan of Fincon. But it’s busy. And loud. And there are 2000+ people. I get about 5 minutes with people. CampFI is more my pace. Longer conversation, more relaxed environment.

But this summer, I’m so excited to be speaking at Chautauqua!!!!

If you haven’t heard of this event, it’s the brainchild of JL Collins. It started in 2013 and this year they are holding four events. Two in England and two in Portugal.

Why I’m so excited!

It’s small.

I love forming real relationships. Occasionally I do handshaking kind of events. But I much prefer to sit down with people and have deep, interesting and rare conversations. Where we get to chat about the awesome FI things that never seem to come up in daily conversations with co-workers. The attendees are capped at 29! So over the course of the event, you’ll get to know each person.

Long format talks.

Each event will have 4 presenters. And we get to go deep with our talks and lots of time for questions. I’m so excited to hear from the other presenters!

One-on-one meetings.

Each attendee gets to sign up for an hour+ slot with the presenters. One-on-one chats are my absolute wheelhouse. I love focused conversations where we get to pull out paper and pen and figure some stuff out. The reason I do so much mentoring is that it’s my total favorite thing to do! The reason my wait list is months long…because over the years this is where I’ve built my skill set.

Incredible venue.

I’m generally not a fussy person. But every once in a while, we stay in an incredible location. And something IS different. Just the environment shifts something. The Chautauqua team finds the BEST locations. Both England and Portugal have jaw-dropping venues.

What I’ve heard.

Since I was selected as a speaker, it’s been amazing to hear from past speakers and attendees. People who admitted to crazy high expectations, but were still blown away. Life changing. That’s what people keep saying: Life changing.

Every once in a while, we need a life-changing experience.

7 Days.

The biggest factor in good conversations and relationships: time. I love that Chautauqua gives you the time for those things to develop. Although, I’ve heard people are rarely ready to leave!

The details are taken care of!

The hotel, venue, meals, and excursions are all carefully planned and handled for you so you have a great experience start to finish. You get to focus on the reason you came. The Chautauqua team spends all year making this week magical.

Who do I think it’s for?

I mentor people through work transitions, and I think this is a perfect add on to that. Also for people ready for a change or in need of a jump start and inspiration. It’s FI focused, so best for people already on that journey.

The Details:

JL Collins (Simple Path to Wealth), Alan Donegan (Pop-up Business School), and Kristy and Brice (Millennial Revolution) will be speaking at all 4 events.

Each week there will be a guest speaker.

June 8-15 UK: Carl (Mr. 1500)

June 15-22 UK: ME!!

Sept 21-28 Portugal: Scott and Taylor (Playing with FIRE documentary)

Sept 28- Oct 5 Portugal: JD Roth (Get Rich Slowly)

How to sign up: Tickets go on sale today! They generally sell out in less than 2 weeks. You can learn more and buy your tickets at https://www.fichautauqua.com/

Not for everyone.

Chautauqua events are a special experience, but not for everyone right away. I think the best time is after you have learned a lot from blogs, books and podcasts. After you’ve paid down consumer debt and are on the path to FI. That’s the people you will find there. Your people.

If that sounds about right, I’d love to see you there!