Join Jillian, Joshua Becker, and The Hope Effect director Joe Darago to hear about how you can impact orphan care worldwide because every child deserves a family. 

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The first time Jillian encountered a foster parent, she was a teenager, but it profoundly impacted her life’s trajectory. She understood that giving someone a second chance at a family was the greatest gift one person could offer to another. So, when she met Adam, she had to know if he felt the same on the first date. Indeed he did, and their beautiful family is a testament to that shared philosophy. 

When author Joshua Becker secured a generous book contract writing about minimalism, he and his wife knew that they would not spend their advance buying things they didn’t need. So instead, they decided to use those funds to start a non-profit that would impact an area close to their heart: orphan care. 

Joe Darago, having adopted two children internationally–- one who was 12 at the time of adoption– was intimately aware of the implications of growing up in an orphanage rather than a family environment. His knowledge and shared passion for helping children find families were instrumental in forming The Hope Effect

While orphanages are better than the streets, how we care for orphans matters, which is the foundation of The Hope Effect. Did you know that brain development is significantly impacted by the relationships and interactions we have beginning at birth? This truth is why The Hope Effect is committed to providing family-based solutions for orphans. 

Loving family-style care provides opportunities for each child to flourish and thrive.” 

By working in developing nations to change laws and structures, educate, and advocate for children, The Hope Effect impacts individual families while also changing the pattern of trauma for entire communities. 

“Families are what kids are supposed to grow up in, not institutions.”

Through matching gifts, including Jillian’s, your donation to The Hope Effect will go even further this Giving Tuesday. Consider partnering with Jillian, Joshua, Joe, and other donors committed to helping every child experience family. 

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