Behind every successful, married entrepreneur is a supportive partner. Jamila Souffrant offers helpful advice on how to get on the same page as your spouse on the journey to self-employment. 

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What started as a way to chronicle her own financial journey rapidly morphed into an opportunity to become self-employed. Host of Journey to Launch, Jamila Souffrant, shares her story of moving from diligent corporate worker to entrepreneur.

Jamila and her spouse have been together for 19 years. Starting out, Jamila and her husband, an educator, had resigned themselves to the 9-5 life. However, pregnant with her first child and frustrated with a three-hour commute, she concluded that her corporate job wasn’t sustainable for the long term.

Presenting the idea of pursuing financial independence to her laid-back husband wasn’t a one-and-done conversation. Instead, she had to help him see what their life could look like. By looking at what was available to them in terms of investment and savings, she showed him concrete numbers – spreadsheet style – that outlined where they could be if they invested x amount of dollars over y amount of time.

Though their spending styles and money goals may differ slightly, both are committed to seeing one another accomplish and have the things they each desire.

“I don’t judge him for what he wants.”

By learning to be more intentional with their money, they set up a plan for Jamila’s move to self-employment. Truly knowing her partner enabled Jamila to give him concrete numbers and a series of practical steps they could take to make the transition easier. Having enough money saved, her spouse was more comfortable with the switch because even if things didn’t go as planned, they still had enough cash to weather the following two years. 

Jamila likes to say,

“You are on the journey whether you know it or not.” 

Every couple has their own starting point. Yours might be different than Jamila’s or Jillian’s. Ask yourself, “Where do you want your journey to take you?”