My love of books is no secret! Heck, I even wrote a whole post about why I think they are the best value $10 can buy! Summer is almost here, people. Which for us looks like trips in the van, camping by the lake, and spending mornings drinking coffee under our apple trees in the back yard (and this year, renovations on our rentals…but let’s not talk about that just now!).

The 8 books:

This was like trying to pick my favorite kids….if I had 300 kids. (I know there are days it seems like I live with 300 minions, but I promise there is just 5!)

Here’s how it will work:

  1. I’ll do a short review on each book over the summer.
  2.  You decide if it sounds awesome and go find yourself a copy (library, used book store, Amazon, or from a friend)
  3. OR, if you are part of my awesome email subscriber list, I will do a drawing for a FREE copy of each book after I review it!
  4. We’ll chat about it on Facebook live!

All 7 of the 8 of these books have helped reset my trajectory, given me super useful know-how, or changed the way I look at a topic. (One I haven’t read yet because it JUST came out, but I’ve heard it’s great!)

I know all 8 will make you richer for reading them (in more ways than just net worth!).

Here is a sneak peak if you love to be ahead of the game and overly prepared (Me: raising my hand frantically). All of these are $10 or less on Amazon, and most have used ones that will run you under $5!

I picked these 8 because I feel these 8 books have the best chance of helping you live life more on target with your greatest priorities, goals, and purpose. AND figure out the money side to help make it all happen!

May’s Books (chatting about them in June)

June’s Books

July’s Books

August’s Books:


After I write the review for each book, I’ll do a drawing to send 1 lucky subscriber that book for FREE. =)

For Conversation:

  1. Over the summer, I’m only going to be posting once a week (and I haven’t figured out which day yet, but thanks to all my subscribers who emailed me with your posting suggestions!). These little book reviews will kind of be my second post of the week. =) You all are busy out in the sun anyways! So pack a book and spend some time outside. =)
  2. Do you find you read more in the winter or summer?
  3. If you ever need to do some shopping on Amazon (um, I LOVE Amazon Prime!) and want to help a blogger out, use one of their Amazon links. Even if it’s for random stuff like diapers. It doesn’t cost you any extra but it throws a few nickels our way. Plus, honestly, it just warms our hearts. =) Here is mine: MMA’s Amazon affiliate link! if you want to help this blogger out. =)