Guest, Andy Hill, talks about how good financial advice went wrong early in his life and how inviting a third-party facilitator into the money conversation in his marriage made a world of difference in achieving their financial and life goals.

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Andy Hill was fortunate to grow up in a two-parent household where he learned the value of saving and hard work from his folks. He graduated college, got a job, and quickly decided to purchase a home – something he was taught as a reliable means to asset building. However, what worked for his parents, wasn’t proving to be so advantageous for Andy.

“I quickly realized that I did not understand what it took to be a homeowner.” 

The costs associated with owning a home were crippling his ability to make sustainable financial choices. This home rapidly became a “financial nightmare” as Andy tried to keep up with his underwater mortgage. 

When Andy married his wife, Nicole, he wanted to make changes that would set up their future family for financial success. To create their version of the best possible life for their future children, Andy and Nicole decided to eliminate their $50,000 debt.

The pathway to eliminate that debt, however, was a contentious matter in their marriage. Nicole wasn’t on board for only living on 50% of their income. Andy was very focused on the numbers, but Nicole needed to see things in a way that considered their big picture goals and the emotions behind these decisions. 

They decided to begin meeting once a month to talk about what it would take financially to make their shared life goals a reality. This is a practice that Jillian whole-heartedly encourages in the “One-Hour Millionaire” course

“Until you have the “why” there is no real drive.” 

After Andy and Nicole paid off their debt, including their mortgage, they reached a tipping point. Nicole wondered if they would ever stop waiting for the “next thing” and start living, and Andy wasn’t completely honest in communicating his desire to pursue different work. With a marriage counselor’s help, a good dose of empathy, and tools to help them communicate more effectively, Andy and Nicole no longer dread the money conversation. Instead, they embrace it.

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