One week into his mini-retirement, Josh Obermyer joins Jillian to discuss the challenges and intentions he has to destress, decompress, and figure out what’s next. 

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Burnt out with his ever-increasing workload and long commute, Josh was ready for a break.

An active member of the FIRE community, Josh has embraced the mindset that life is more than the destination. Committed to enjoying the journey, he planned for a mini-retirement.  

Professionally, Josh is at the top of his game. He is an expert in his field and a leader in his career. So, stepping away in his 30’s is a surprising move and one that veers from the path of most of his peers. 

Taking a career “gap year” will allow him space and time to do what he wants to do while figuring out the next steps. Josh anticipates that this time, decompressing and refreshing while spending time with dear family, taking road trips, visiting national parks, and attending conferences might be the bridge that helps him transition into self-employment. 

The mini-retirement challenges he faces now, like figuring out health insurance options and learning to spend rather than being a diligent saver, will help him gain clarity for his next chapter.

“I’m a natural saver. I’m going to be spending down that horde of cash that I have. And that’s gonna be a bit of a trick in my mind.”

You don’t have to wait until you get to some imaginary finish line to begin enjoying the fruits of your labor. So what would it look like for you to take a mini-retirement as a stepping stone to your next life transition? Is it more possible than you might think?