You have questions, Jillian has answers! Join us as we tackle messy conversations and daunting career transitions. 

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Becoming the best in the biz requires us to look introspectively at two crucial components. First, how do we deal with challenging discussions about messy things? Second, how do we get stuck when starting out on a new endeavor or career transition? These reader questions help Jillian guide us through dealing with our emotions and recognizing our needs.

Jillian’s calm and collected demeanor is a case study in what it means to understand the concept of dysregulation. Dysregulation affects how we process, sort, and store information. While some might find that becoming dysregulated likens them to a spewing volcano, others may closer resemble an iceberg silently lurking in the waters. Learning to understand and own our emotions is key to entering into potentially messy discussions calmly and neutrally. We don’t want to provoke others to dysregulation. So ask yourself: 

“Is your goal mutual understanding or to punish the other person with this conversation”. 

We can’t solve every problem in the world or our lives all at once. Shorter intentional sessions can help us work through and process information more productively.

Next, Jillian tackles the growing pains of new life transitions. When we set out to start something we quickly realize we don’t know everything we need to know. Some answers we need are easily solvable by doing a google search on packaging costs, or watching a youtube video about installing a router. Others are a little more daunting because they invoke a feeling of complete overwhelm. By reaching out and filling our “container of learning” we can grow in these trouble areas. Jillian encourages us to move beyond self-imposed shame to growth. The only way to get unstuck, is to figure out what got you stuck in the first place.