I’m Jillian Johnsrud

Speaker. Writer. Teacher.

Live Your Most Courageous Life on the Journey to Financial Independence. 

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Boundaries Part 1

 3-hour class 

How do you gain clarity around your own boundaries and then communicate those clearly to friends, family, and at work? You'll learn how to navigate other's disappointment or pushiness. And create deeper, more honest, and fulfilling relationships!

3 hours class

Coming Soon!

Cost: $75 per person

Life Design + Habits + Goal Setting

6-hour class (2 weeks Mon & Thurs/90 min Each)

Gain clarity about how to design a life that you love! One filled with your passions, aligned to your values and that brings you joy. You'll learn how to take that vision and translate it into a workable plan with specific action steps, habits, and mindsets to support your progress.

A two-week class

Monday Oct 12th and Thursday Oct 15th. Monday 19th and Thursday 22nd. 90 minutes each. 4 classes with replays.

Starting 9 pm ET/7 pm MT/6 pm PT


Cost: $150 per person

Master Your Money

6-hour class (3 weeks/2 hours)

Ready to take control of your finances? Over three weeks your money will become stress-free as you gain clarity and confidence that your money is working for you.

A three-week class

Coming Soon!


Cost: $150 per person

Interested in 1-on-1 Coaching with Jillian?

What does a mentor do? I look at your big, long-term goals and dreams. We confront the challenges that have held you back and find solutions. I examine all the details of your current situation. Then we work together to plot out a plan, breaking big goals into small actionable steps and habits.

I specialize in financial planning, career transitions, and creating or scaling new businesses. 

About Me

I started my financial journey at 19 with $55,000 of debt. Adam and I didn’t have high earning jobs, but we still had big dreams. We wanted to travel the world, adopt kids, and have financial freedom.

It took over a decade but we paid off our debt, paid cash for our home, adopted 4 kids (and had 2 biological kids), bought rentals, traveled to 27 countries and lived abroad.

At 32, I became financially independent and we left our full-time jobs. We live in Kalispell Montana, near Glacier National Park with our 5 kids and our dog named Cheesy Taco.

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See what I’m creating on my podcast “Everyday Courage with Jillian Johnsrud,” blog or Youtube Channels. 

10 Years to Half FI

10 Years to Half FI

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Hot Mess Joy Club #5

Hot Mess Joy Club #5

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