Inherit Learning Company CEO, Nicole Walters, shares how she went from corporate darling to living the self-employed dream. Finding contentment, purpose, and learning to banish fear paved the way to her success. 

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Nicole Walters, of Inherit Learning, joins Jillian to speak candidly about adoption, business, and finding joy in your purpose.

Growing up the poor daughter of immigrants, Nicole could not have imagined becoming the successful CEO of a multi-million dollar business! Spending her 20’s in the corporate setting, getting married, and racking up debt she began to question if her life was really the adulthood she wanted. Admittedly, the life she was living looked very successful from the outside. She even loved her job, but the nagging desire to grow, improve, and make things more secure pushed her to explore entrepreneurship.

Inspiring others to be their best in their own gifts is Nicole’s sweet spot. She didn’t leave her job because she was fed up, but because she knew she was meant for more. “ I’m ready to hire myself. I’m ready to live my purpose completely.” 

Becoming self-employed requires self-awareness. Fear will crop up. Perhaps it is fear of failure or success, of not being good enough or of the unknown. Nicole challenges the listener to name those fears and carry them with you.

““This concept of being fearless is not realistic. Do it while afraid!”

Her fearlessness has helped her navigate the adoption process and parenting has given her experience working through challenging and unexpected hurdles. It has taught her how to communicate with honesty and clarity. Not everything will happen on your terms, whether in parenting or business, so being willing to do the work in those moments, benefits everyone. We can be the grounding force in our homes and careers.  Learn more about Nicole and her work at www.myfierceclarity.com