While there will always be someone who knows more than you and your idea has probably already been done, Jillian reminds you that you don’t have to be the “most experty expert” to be enough.

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Too often we quit before we get started because of two myths: I’m not expert enough or I’m not unique enough to put myself out there. Jillian combats these falsehoods by reminding us that you don’t have to be the “most experty expert” to offer something of value. 

If everyone that contributed to society had to be the foremost expert in their field, we would all be waiting in line to see a singular surgeon, accountant, professor, or chef. Life would shut down! 

Consider your favorite or most impactful teacher from your youth. Was this person the most experienced, most educated, most creative, most compassionate teacher that ever lived? Probably not, but even in his or her imperfection, they added incredible value to your life. 

Is it possible to look out ourselves as generously?  

“No one has heard your specific story in your voice” 

Often people aren’t looking for an expert, but someone they connect with and learn from. You have skills and a voice that is yours alone, right where you are. You aren’t merely passable, you are the perfect fit for someone! The best person we can find when we need help with a struggle or project isn’t the one who has been there done that, but instead the one that is passionately focused on overcoming that struggle or pushing those projects forward. 

There is no need to fabricate your expertise or shine yourself up to impress. 

You don’t have to be the most experty expert to get started. Wherever you are at it’s enough. It’s enough and it’s the perfect fit for somebody. There is something just really amazing and magical when we show up very honestly, very wholeheartedly, and we bring all of our expertise that we do have”

What would it look like to cast aside the myths that hold you back and move forward with courage?