Why Take a Year Off?


Retirement is too far away. Enjoy some of these adventures sooner. Stop pushing things out or missing seasons of your life.  Enjoy some time while you are fit and healthy, your parents are young, or your kids are still at home.

6 Simple Steps to 

Taking a Year Off
Every Decade

How does a person even afford a year off from work? 

In reality, it isn’t complicated or even very hard, but 99% of people don’t see it as a possibility. 

The Mini Retirement Course will walk you through the 6 lessons.

  • Lesson 1: The Importance of taking time off
  • Dream Price List
  • Save 10%
  • Find Extra Cash
  • Pay Off Debt
  • Keep Expenses Low  

Find the right focus

Step 1 will cover focusing in on this gap year. Brainstorm what your ideal year off would look like.

Creating your dream Price List

Step 2 covers all you need to know about determining the costs to your gap year. 

Uncover unhelpful Tips

You may see the words, “saving 10%” and feel overwhelmed. Have no fear. The last 3 steps will help make this one easier. Helping you lower your expenses and increase your income. 

Learn All the pieces

By the end of the guide, you can feel confident about your plan of taking a year off. You may even find you are closer to that gap year than you think. 

Jillian speaker

After 5 mini retirements

I’ve been there

I’ve been burned out. I’ve been ready for a new adventure. I’ve been excited to learn new things. I’ve wanted more time with family. I’ve been there. 

Adam and I started dreaming about mini-retirements in our first year of marriage. It seemed far-fetched at the time, but after 5 mini-retirements, I know it’s totally possible. 

This free workbook will get you started on the path where you can take a year-long mini-retirement every 10 years.