It is common for medical professionals to become burnt out in the often toxic and high-stress environments they work in. Brenda Krygowski shares how taking a mini-retirement helped her unplug from the system and find something better. 

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When Jillian ran a beta test on her mini-retirement course, Brenda was one of the first people on board. Miserable in their jobs as medical professionals and feeling stuck, Brenda and her husband were ready to try something different. 

“We were just unhappy and just stuck. We felt like there had to be something else out there besides the typical American life.”

So, they took a weekend away to work through part of the mini-retirement course. It revealed things that had gone unspoken between them, even though they had been married for more than a decade. It also revealed that half of their answers on important topics were the same!

Brenda created a binder full of the dreams and goals that perked to the top during the course and she continues to pull out the binder every year when they make their plan for the upcoming year. 

The mini-retirement course helped Brenda get unstuck and create an environment that allowed her family to be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves. 

In the last few years, they have sold their house, moved to Columbia for a summer, stepped into healthier and more satisfying work environments, moved out of the city, and Brenda fulfilled her dream of writing and publishing a book! The course and the experiences that they had afterward were pivotal in giving Brenda the confidence to stretch and grow when she was called out of retirement during COVID.

“Life fits us now. It fits where we are and what we want.”

Once you unplug from the system you can come back with a fresh perspective and eyes open to see the possibilities before you. When you take the leap and do something different – reality surprisingly meets you halfway and often delivers something better that you wouldn’t have known existed.  

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