How do you measure success? Jillian challenges the listener to rethink their metrics and adopt a more holistic gauge of personal and career success. 

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Business and dieting are often measured by a singular metric. Did you make money? Did you lose weight? If the answer is “yes” then it was a win, if the answer was “no” it was a loss. Jillian challenges the idea that success is measured by such simplistic ideals and believes the truest markers for lasting success lie in our ability to grow and develop relationships. 

Having a growth mindset means that the learning never stops, regardless of circumstances. This encompasses a large net of areas for growth. From skill development to learning how to listen well, growth is something we carry over into other endeavors.

The same is true for our relationships. By focusing on strong, meaningful relationships, especially with those who share our goals, values, and interests, you gain more than an acquaintance, but a friend who is rooting for you and helping you move toward your goal.

Perhaps you want to write a book. It started with writing clever things on your Facebook status updates. Then you attempted a blog that got zero engagement or you sent out pitches to publishers and never heard back. If you are measuring by one metric, you bombed bigtime. However, Jillian believes that those “failures” are essential to your growth and development because you likely met people and learned skills along the way to help you get to the next step.

“The thing that eventually works, whether it’s a relationship or a business, typically is built on the growth and the relationships that you developed along the way. Those are not only the foundation for the thing that works, but those are an essential ingredient.”