Master Your Money

3 Classes/2 hours Each

Want to feel confident and organized in every area of your finances? By the end of this class you will have a financial plan, a system that works, and have the confidence that you can make it happen! You can feel capable and stress free about money.  

Level - Beginner

All foundational ideas will be covered as well as specific tools.

Class Starts September 7th


What You’ll Learn at Camp

Do you feel overwhelmed or slightly confused by areas of your personal finance? Maybe you are great at tracking but unsure about investment accounts. Or you have a plan for debt pay off but aren’t sure how to balance that with building your emergency fund.

Feel confident in all 9 areas to master your money.

Tracking: Income, Net Worth, and Spending.

Planing: Your budget, Emergency Fund, and Saving + Debt Pay off plan.

Allocation: Debt Payoff, Short term goals, and Long term investing (including understanding account types and asset types).


Tracking Your 3 Big Financial Numbers

Understanding how your money is coming in and going out of your life is the first step to being confident with your money.


Calculating Your Ideal Emergency Fund Number

Rules of thumb, like 3 months expenses, only get you so far. How do you figure out what number makes sense for today, and your long term goals? Plus how to tackle multiple money goals at once.


Create a Budget System that Works for You!

There are at least 20 different ways to create a plan for your money (aka budget), but the one that works best is the one that works for you! You will learn about different budget options and helpful frameworks for organizing your budget, like sinking funds. 


Debt Payoff Plan

How do you balance paying off debt when you have different debt types: house, credit cards, student loans, car? Snowball or Avalanche? You will develop a plan that works for you and accommodates other savings goals.


Create a Plan for Saving

If you have an extra $100 a month or $1000, where should it go? Paying off your credit card, company match, emergency fund, or a short term goal, like an upcoming wedding? You will create a plan for your “gap” money and how to adjust it over the next 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.  


Understanding Investing Assets and Account Types

Feeling confident and educated in investing often comes far too late in life. Get educated early! You will understand different account types you might have access to like 401k’s, Roth IRA or brokerage accounts. Plus understand the pros and cons of asset types, like index funds, CDs, stocks, mutual funds, or cash. I will make this so simple and straightforward, you’ll wonder why you were ever nervous about it!

Ready to Make Progress?

Jillian Johnsrud

Jillian Johnsrud

Ready to have a little fun while you master your money? You will gain financial confidence in every area of your money. You’ll have a plan and know how to work that plan to accomplish all your goals. 


That’s what Camp Progress is all about!


All the personal growth, learning and fun, just like summer camp.


Plus affordable like a community college class.


Except I’m your teacher! 


Smaller classes so you can ask a questions. Live video classes with video replays (because life gets crazy)!









Course Dates/Times

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3-week course

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