Life Design + Habits + Goal Setting

4 Classes/90 min Each

This class will help you gain clarity on how to find goals and direction for a life you’ll love. You’ll learn how to find and address challenges and uncover motivations. Then we will look at goal setting, finding high leverage action steps, keystone habits, and learning to start small.

Level - Beginner

We will take a comprehensive look at long term goals to this year’s focus. Plus all the tools to turn your plans into results.

2 Week Class Starting Oct 12th


Course Objectives & Outcomes

Have you ever felt stuck or like you weren’t making much progress on things that mattered to you? Either you weren’t sure if you had any big goals, or didn’t know how to get started. This class will take you start to finish! You will craft a big life vision and then break it all the down to what to work on over the next 6 weeks. Plus lots of tools to help you translate that vision into consistent action! 


Big Picture

What are your big goals and mile markers for the next 5 or 10 years? We will start with a high-level view of what matters to you. 


Resolve Challenges

Often unspoken challenges continue to sabotage our progress. You will learn how to identify the things holding you back and resolve those challenges. 


Tools to Make Progress

You’ll learn how to build keystone habits, find your focus for the week, discover actions that open multiple doors, create systems that support your progress. 


Find Your Focus for this Year

After you look at your long term goals, we will narrow our focus to the changes you want to see happen THIS year. 


Gain Confidence by Discovering Motivations

Understanding your true motivations for goals allows you to be more creative and flexible in your approach to those goals. There might be easier and faster ways to ping that motivation! 


Design Your 6 Week Jump Start

Learn the 6-week jump-start system! How to start small with high leverage action steps and a “time budget.” Get unstuck or make a big leap forward! 

Ready to Make Progress?

Jillian Johnsrud

Jillian Johnsrud

Ready to have a little fun while you make progress on your big goals and dreams? We will examin challenges and uncover true motivations. And look at how to develop keystone habits + small actionable steps to help you make progress on your goals! 

That’s what Camp Progress is all about!

All the personal growth and learning, like summer camp.

And as affordable and easy to get to a local community college class.

Except I’m your teacher! 

Smaller classes so you can ask a question, all done online with video replays (because life gets crazy!)





Course Dates &Times



Monday & Thursday Nights @9 pm ET 90 mins

A two-week class

Monday Oct 12th and Thursday Oct 15th. Monday 19th and Thursday 22nd. 90 minutes each. 4 classes.

Starting 9 pm ET/7 pm MT/6 pm PT

Replays available the next day.

 Cost: $150 per person