I meet up with JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly and had an amazing conversation about mini-retirement, extended travel, and finding passion income.


  • Pancakes 0:03-0:56
  • Pop-up camper, campsite and glamping 1:06-1:30
  • Why we took a 10 week trip to 10 National Parks 1:40
  • JD’s 15-month road trip 2:00
  • JD’s travel lessons 2:36
  • Cost of travel 2:50
  • Need vs Want and culture shock 4:21
  • Creating outdoor spaces at home 6:20
  • Travel and mini-retirements to battle burn out and reignite creativity 8:00
  • JD on trying to find your purpose 11:57
  • ….more conversation about pancakes 19:20

Add to the conversation:

Have you ever taken an extended trip? What do you think you got out of it? Or would get from doing something like that?