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Do you have a big list of top priorities and goals that are left unfulfilled?

In this episode, Jillian discusses the importance of finding focus in our lives. 

Is it okay to have a big priorities list?

Reevaluate and Prioritize

We may find ourselves with many things on our top priorities list, and it can be frustrating when we find ourselves falling short of fulfilling those goals. But it’s important for us to reevaluate and pick a few things from that list that we really want to give our attention to. 

Instead of trying to focus all of your energy on your entire list, pick two or three things to lean in to. Then decide where you still need to show up, but don’t have to focus too much on. Finally, identify the things that you can let go of a little bit. If you have a stable foundation in these areas, you can distribute your time and energy to the other things. 

“Think about the next twelve weeks, what do you really want to lean into?”

When Jillian opened her home to three adopted children, she had to let herself drift a little bit in other areas. Her children were her top priority, and she only had one-minute breaks for exercise every day! Until she gained stability in other areas in her life, she had to let some things move down in priority order. And that’s okay!

“What does that focus want to be? And then try to just pick one, or two, or three things. But figure out what you want your focus to be.”

After you figure out what you want to focus on, gather support from friends or family! Focusing on improving something specific might require a lot of change and effort, and having support will help you with the journey. 

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

[00:31] Is it okay to have a big priority list? Jillian explains how focusing on a few specific things is a more efficient way of reaching our goals. Where do you want you focus to be?

[01:25] We don’t have to cross things off our list, but we do have to evaluate what few things require our highest priority, what things we still need to show up to, and what things we can let drift a little bit.

[03:25] When Jillian and her husband adopted three children into their home, she didn’t have much time for other things. She had to let some things on her priority list drift a bit. When things got more stable, she was able to pick them back up.

[05:10] Think about your next 12 weeks, and ask yourself what you really want to focus on. Just pick one to three things, and give those things your time and energy. Get support from your friends and family, because change can be hard, and it helps to have support from those around you.

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