Setting yourself up for an incredible year or custom designing your life is a bit like installing a kitchen. I remember the first kitchen Adam and I renovated. He did NOT want to do it. It seemed complicated and overwhelming. I assured him that installing a kitchen didn’t require an advanced degree. Therefore it must be figure-out-able. There must be a process. There must be a few people who know how to do it and we could watch a video and learn.

Life planning is the same way. There is a process and it’s figure-out-able. It might seem like a complicated, overwhelming mystery. But I assure you, it’s not.

I wanted to create something to make the process simple and accessible to get started. It needed to be short. And I wanted to try giving it away for free.

So far about 700+ people have participated in it!

Here are a few things they have said:

“These Rock…These are super insightful and you’re being just the guide that I need to level up this year. Like you thought, since I follow your blog, I am one of those people that loves to take the end of the year to reflect, dream, and check in. Really love the way you are keeping this short, yet well directed — that is a challenge!”   -Walter Franks

“I just wanted to let you know that I love this series of videos and worksheets. I went back and reworked or updated all that I had done before and organized it in one document. I think this series will be a great resource for clients and others going forward – I appreciate all the work you put into it!!” -Melissa

“I’ve been wanting to have more direction in my life for a while now – a more intentional one that I created rather than just fell in to – and the lessons so far have been having me ask the exact questions I needed to begin this process. Thank you!” – Steff

“Your recipe for success actually helped me a lot. I am great at coming up with exciting ideas that might include some of my superpowers, but I forget the ingredients I’ve come up with that would lead me to success. Thank you for your work and sharing your passion for helping people pursue lives that align with their passions. I will use your series to help me align my passions, skills, and ingredients available to design a fulfilling life for my family and I.” -JP in MT

“Thank you so much for putting this course together.  I’ve spent the last two days going through your lessons and adding the information to my 2018 wrap-up journal, and it’s been incredibly helpful to have a structured way of putting everything down on paper.  You’ve helped me see the parts of my day/year that are currently working for me, as well as the next areas to address going forward.
The combination of the Recipe for Success and the Drift, Show up, Lean in lessons was especially helpful.  People my age (mid-twenties) hear so much about doing something we’re passionate about and about hustling, but you’re one of the first people to mention that everything has a time and a season, and we don’t have to be full-throttle all the time.  It’s an incredible relief to hear someone point that out.”  -Awesome reader

It’s 10 lessons, each with a 5-10 minute video and a worksheet. You can do one a day or batch them together.

Let’s make this next year your best year ever.