Adam and Jillian wrap up the season with an encouragement to plan a weekend with your partner to get on the same page, celebrate your progress, and dream big for your future together! 

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“Every big accomplishment we ever had started with a conversation when we were out of our routine.”

Like a computer with too many browser windows open, the tabs routinely open in our minds can prevent us from thinking creatively. This is why Jillian and Adam firmly believe that escaping the routines of life can spark important and necessary conversations between partners. 

As an events technical wizard in the military, Adam’s position enabled him and Jillian to participate in many events outside of their everyday lives. There were able to experience new ideas, and when he wasn’t working the event, the new ideas prompted fresh conversations during his downtime with Jillian. 

Jillian’s experience as a bystander at these retreats is partly what inspired her to host the Adventures in FI weekends! She wanted others to experience the clarity that comes from getting out of your house and into a creative space to think bigger. 

Adam admits that the first couple of times that he and Jillian scheduled a getaway together to plan, it made him very anxious. 

“I didn’t want to disappoint.”

However, by building in a lot of fun stuff and keeping expectations low, they have become eagerly anticipated by all. 

The time together, outside of the norm, creates an opportunity to evaluate your financial planning and spending decisions, celebrate how far you have come, and practice gratitude for all that you do have. Planning for your financial future isn’t all work. By carving out specific times to plan and process, you also get the chance to connect over the budget and a yummy meal or walk along the lake. 

Jillian notes that the sweetest parts of marriage are the things that are shared. By being unified in your money and life goals, your partnership can experience the deep richness of journeying together.