Peter Polson of Tiller Money brings practical advice on learning to ask the right questions and finding the right tools when collaborating with your partner to reach your shared money goals. 

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From the beginning of their marriage, Peter and Shannon were in it together. They committed to collaboration by combining their finances into joint accounts and working towards supporting one another’s goals and dreams. However, Peter Polson was frustrated by the lack of simple, helpful technology to help track and manage personal finances. Thus, Tiller was born. 

Often there is one person in the relationship who is in the details and another who is not. Tiller allows both parties to work from the same knowledge with ease. Jillian and Adam can attest that Tiller has given them a shared task that makes it easier to talk about their money together. 

By creating a habit of engaging with our finances, we can recognize when our spending goes off the rails. However, Peter reminds us that we can’t view our finances through the lens of shame and judgment.

“Judging is not an ingredient for behavior change.” 

Instead, we can tap into being aware of our finances and allowing that awareness to change our behavior. 

For couples, tracking your finances isn’t the end-all. Peter believes getting on the same page about money with your partner happens before tracking begins. Start with a conversation about what money means to you and your money goals. It is this basis that allows you to ask important questions like: 

  • How do we spend our time? 
  • How do we spend our money? 
  • What kind of money do we want and need to support this? 
  • How do we want our life to look? 

How can you incorporate time to talk money with your partner this month? What tools might empower you to make the best use of your time and money?

Check out Tiller and The One Hour Millionaire and see if they might help you on your money adventures.