Discovering Your Passion vs Following Your Passion.

You may often hear people say to follow your passion. While it may be surprising to some, Jillian doesn’t like this advice at all. This isn’t good advice because it leads people to assume they must have a passion to follow right away. The thing is, you may not know what that passion is, and that’s okay. The truth is that finding your passion is often a process that happens progressively in steps. Finding your passion doesn’t mean you go from discovery to infinite knowledge and having everything perfectly figured out. 

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The journey begins with finding things you’re simply curious about. It doesn’t mean you have to be passionate or even deeply interested in those things; it simply means they spark your curiosity. 

“Start with getting yourself into positions where you can be curious again.”

For those whose lives are too busy to have a lot of side interests, start finding some by going out of your way to discovering what sparks your curiosity. This could mean going to a library, talking to friends in social settings to discover what they enjoy, or asking yourself about things you were curious about earlier in your life. 

The next step is to discover what interests you. This is digging a little deeper than curiosity. Interests are things you may have read a book about or had several conversations with friends over. 

“This is the next level of that funnel…I might be curious about hundreds of things; I might be interested in about 50 things.”

After you’ve discovered some things that interest you, the third step is when those interests progress into a passion. A passion forms when you have started to deeply invest your time, interest, and knowledge into a subject, and you know about 50% of the basic knowledge. 

The final layer is the things that have become a part of your identity—part of who you are. They become part of your purpose in life. 

“The only way a curiosity moves to an interest, or an interest moves to a passion, is a greater commitment.”

The journey to finding your passion takes time, effort, and commitment. It’s a process of development, and each part of the journey builds on the previous. Just explore, and enjoy the process.