If you dug up Jillian’s ten year time capsule to success it may surprise you. She shares how naked butts and basement floods have impacted her progress in this season’s Hot Mess Joy Club.   

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“MAMA!”, screamed by your child, isn’t exactly the way you want to end an already interesting meetup with a fellow writer.  In this episode of the Hot Joy Mess Club, Jillian shares her cringeworthy moments that led to success. 

Wanting to be perfect is a losing battle and one that provided Jillian a reason to quit when things became less than ideal. However, in the last ten years, casting off the vision of perfect offices and big stages has empowered Jillian to keep showing up even in the chaos of life. 

Her first interview of the season, Alan, would have never guessed that she had just returned back from a weeklong camping trip and was headed for tech failure just a couple of hours prior! From forgotten software and missing login information, Jillian, in all her grizzly girl glory, was able to pull things together in the chaos. 

When we keep showing up, progress still happens. 

Her first meeting with friend and writer, Joel, was what can only be described as mortifying. Dressed in proper professional attire – a nice shirt and sweatpants – Jillian welcomed Joel into her messy home. Time had gotten away and here he was ready to work. So, work they did: brainstorming, planning, and sharing ideas for Camp Progress. All the while, Jillian’s youngest son, in the throws of potty training and fresh from eating far too many cherries, created a poop masterpiece in the bathroom and gave them an entertaining show complete with a naked booty slap! Now that is memorable networking! 

While we long to be “in the room where it happens” (thanks, Hamilton!), the reality is that life is usually messy, imperfect, and chaotic. Even in our imperfections, a little courage goes a long way as we seek progress. Just keep showing up!