Are you stuck? Join Jillian and Kerry Ann Rockquemore as they nudge us towards embracing weakness and learning to ask for what we need. 

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In the early days of her transition from professor to entrepreneur, Kerry Ann Rockquemore, faced a steep learning curve. So, she became part of a community of like minded women who required her to present her biggest challenge and what she needed to overcome it, every week. This became a valuable exercise and lasting habit for Kerry Ann, and it is one she believes has the potential to change the way we perceive our own weaknesses. 

Can you believe that you are not the only one who gets stuck on a regular basis? Jillian reminds us that being a person who wants to grow is a guarantee that things are going to get messy. It isn’t problematic to acknowledge we have needs and to ask for help. Though being able to articulate those struggles and needs seems radically counter culture.

“Is having a need really a weakness?” 

Growth happens when we are willing to ask hard questions and embrace our humanity as imperfect people. The great thing about being a newbie is that people want to help and will tend to be much more gracious and patient as you learn and develop as a person and a professional.

Two key components to the growth process are: 

  1. A “container” for learning. Not every problem can be solved by a quick phone call or email.  For the bigger “stuck” places in our lives we have to find a safe place to do the important work of making mistakes, learning, trying, failing, and succeeding at our brand of messiness. 
  2. A “wolfpack” to share the journey with. These are the people who help you get unstuck. There is a misleading sense of safety in being a self-made person. True interconnectedness, support, and accountability will not only help us find success more quickly, it makes the journey so much richer. 

So, how are you stuck today and what do you need to do to fix it?