What is a mini-retirement? Jillian has taken six of them and knows how transformative they can be in helping you get unstuck in life and motivated on your journey to financial independence.

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In the wake of a pandemic, everyone seems to be reevaluating what it means to work in today’s world. No one wants it to just go back to the way things were before. Sharing from her experience taking six mini-retirements throughout her financial journey, Jillian challenges you to evaluate your priorities and see how a break of a month or more from your normal work routine could transform your life. 

In their first year of marriage, Jillian planted the seed that they needed to take a “sabbath” year someday. With a combined annual salary of 12K and 55K in debt, Adam was less than enthusiastic, but the intention was made known. 

“The thing about planting the seed early is that when that opportunity presents itself you have the confidence and clarity to take action and to move forward.” 

Often we get stuck in our professional and personal lives, and a mini-retirement can give space for a person to overcome burnout, shift priorities, switch gears, or test out what financial independence (FI) will mean for them. 

A mini-retirement is a month or longer in which you step away from your work to focus on something that matters to you. Perhaps you’d like to travel more, spend time with family, focus on a creative project, or volunteer somewhere. Whatever you do, be ready for anything to happen. Opportunities often arise unexpectedly during a mini-retirement and you will be ready to step into them. 

What would you need to do to make room in your life to take a mini-retirement? What would you want to do with that time? 

For help getting started, check out Jillian’s free resource: 6 Simple Steps to Taking a Mini Retirement at www.jillianjohnsrud.com/mini and check out her new course in August!