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Why fix it if it ain’t that broke

Often, we may find things in our life that aren’t terrible, but not great either. They’re just ok. Like a 6, out of 10. These “6’s” are actually important to pay attention to. (Because the 6 is where we can get really stuck.) Because when things are really tough, we have motivation to make them better, and when things are going great, it’s easy to celebrate and enjoy how wonderful it is. But the 6, I mean, it’s not bad, so is it really worth the effort to change?

“I really try to pay attention to the sixes ’cause it’s so easy to get stuck at a six.”

Are you okay with “good enough?”

When we are older and looking back on our lives, what do we want to be able to say about it? You don’t want everything to just be a six. You don’t want everything to be okay, or just good enough.

“If I look back, and everything was just “kind of okay,” I’ll feel like I wasted the best parts of my life, and I don’t want to waste anything.”

Most of the things in our life that are good enough we don’t really put as much effort into. It’s the things that are terrible or really great that get all of our attention. It can be really hard to change things that are good enough! 

“Most of the regret that I feel when I look back over my life are the times that I stayed stuck at a six, because I just wasted time.”

The terrible twos and threes will get figured out, but it’s the sixes we need to pay close attention to. 

It also can be easy to get stuck at twos and threes if you’re an over-committer. Why don’t we make this the year where we eliminate the twos and threes, move past the sixes, and live our lives to the fullest potential? 

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

[00:53] It’s important to pay attention to the mediocre things in our life. When things are hard, we’re motivated to change them. When things are really good, we get to enjoy the happiness and joy that comes from that. But it’s easy to get stuck at things that are a 6 out of 10—just good enough. 

[02:16] We don’t want to look back on our lives and realize so many things were just okay. What if we wasted our time and lives living a bunch of sixes? Time is precious, and you don’t want to waste this most valuable resource. 

[02:36] It can be really hard to make changes when things are good enough. They aren’t bad, so we don’t feel the need to put forth the effort to improve them. The really bad things—the twos and threes—will get figured out, but it’s important to pay attention and make sure we aren’t staying stuck at sixes. 

[04:39] The serenity prayer is for the sixes in our lives. We need the wisdom to have courage and discernment to change the things we can in our lives and improve them for the better. 

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