Would you be ready if someone gave you the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of? This episode equips us to think through what we need to make our dreams a reality. 

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Have you ever visualized your future? Are you ready for it? Be prepared for some tough love as Jillian calls us out on our drivel. Being the genuinely nice person she is, she doesn’t leave us to wallow, but instead challenges us to put in the work and experiment with future journaling.

The reality is that most of us wouldn’t be ready to step into our big dream or goal if someone magically appeared and offered it to us. By making a habit of future journaling we can reverse engineer a plan to help close the gap between our current state and our future self.  It’s not complicated and it isn’t super time consuming.

“I pick a date out in the future or a goal out in the future and I write a journal entry as though I am currently living that thing” 

Whether it is personal (marriage, family, kids, friendships, health and fitness) or career (write a book, start a business, be an award winning artist) oriented, journaling will help you consider the nitty gritty of living that life. Ask yourself questions. What do your relationships look like? What habits have you developed? How do you spend your time?

“What are the processes and structures that you are gonna have in place in order for you to live in this future thing?”

There will be times where we will be waiting, but future journaling helps us not to get stuck in that place forever. It gives us the ability to pursue the things, while we wait, that will help us be ready for that beautiful future we are envisioning.