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In this final episode of season three, Bobby and Coral Hoyt join Jillian to share the story of their journey. Bobby runs Millennial Money Man and Laptop Empires, and Coral currently shares home design tips on her growing YouTube channel. 

Living with Your Parents

Bobby and Coral started working as teachers right out of college, and they made the decision to move in with Coral’s parents while trying to figure out their life and decide which path to pursue next. They decided to continue their stay in order to help pay off school loans and save their money. Many of their friends and relatives questioned their choices; however, Coral’s father was diagnosed with a disease and her parents needed their help. Not only did it help them get ahead financially, but it also gave them the opportunity to spend precious time with Coral’s father and help out where it was needed.

Sparked Interest in Finance

A successful family friend took Bobby and Coral out boating one day, and Bobby and him quickly bonded. The friend’s advice to Bobby was to pay off all his student debt before taking any other steps. Bobby figured that since the family friend was successful, it must be good advice. In addition to paying off his student loans, he began his journey and interest in finance. 

The Process and Challenges Faced when Becoming an Entrepreneur

A year into his teaching career, Bobby realized it wasn’t for him. He didn’t enjoy the stress and low income, and he desired freedom and flexibility in his work. One day, he came home and told Coral that he was quitting his job. Coral supported him and his decision to do what was best for him, and the next day he quit his job and started to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. 

“What I found is that when you’re scared about things, at least me, that’s when I get the most stuff done in my business; when I’m terrified, that’s when I innovate.”

Three years in, and their business was doing well. Coral decided that she no longer enjoyed the stress that came with her teaching job, and she made the decision to quit. She had already been helping Bobby run his business Pinterest, but as time went on, she realized that it wasn’t something she really enjoyed and was passionate about. 

She hit a wall in her life and began to get depressed. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do, and she wanted to find work that she was passionate about. However, when a friend offered her a job doing some video work, it sparked new ideas and opened up other doors. Although the video job didn’t end up working out, Coral decided to start up a YouTube channel focused on home design, something she absolutely loves and is very passionate about. 

Although life can be quite messy and we may find ourselves places we don’t want to be, it’s important to help each other out through the struggles. Life is one big journey, and we just have to keep going forward, bravely, building toward the life we desire and growing into people we wish to become.