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Financial Focused Resources

Intentional Living Online Course

You can write your own rules and design a life that reflects the things that matter most to YOU!

This course covers 10 simple exercises to get you started on living your one wild and precious life. Each lesson is a 5-10 video. Followed by some thinking, chatting or writing a few notes with the worksheet.  

Financial Focused Resources

Grow the Gap Online Course

This course helps you create a money saving plan that leverages all of YOUR best opportunities! Are you ready to create an effective and custom plan for your money?  Grow the Gap. Guard the Gap.

Entrepreneur Focused Resources

Building Your Own Platform Course

The technical side of setting up your website shouldn’t be a challenge. My goal is to make this straightforward and simple, so you can get on with creating and promoting your work. Utilize this free course to walk you through everything to get started. 

Entrepreneur Focused Resources

Ramping up Your Content Strategy

Creating a customer journey helps you see what is working well and what needs to be improved when reaching your customers. This course will help you identify where to invest your energy and build content assets to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. 

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