Jillian sits down with her dear friend, August, to talk about part of her new book, Fire the Haters. Empowering yourself and your work starts with setting boundaries. 

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Finding courage in an online world is intimidating, but you and your work are worth taking the risk. Jillian shares three hints on how to be successful online and in your personal life, too. 

#1. Set up rules for yourself 

“Other people can’t know your rules for you.” 

We all have our limits. When we feel burned out, it is often because we either didn’t communicate our rule well or we stopped following it. The expectations other people have for you are endless, and they will distract you from focusing on what you really want. 

Consider what keeps you working, productive, and happy. Then, align your values and schedule to those things. That may mean not replying to every email within 48 hours or making sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night. 

#2. Give yourself the gift of being misunderstood

Your work can feel like an extension of yourself, but the reality is that you have created it, and now you have to let it speak for itself. Of course, people will get it wrong, but trying to moderate your way into making them understand is a losing battle. 

“You can’t protect things online. If it’s not grown, don’t ship it.” 

#3. You can create a wide circle around your triggers

We all have our stuff. We have bruises that most people may not see, but if they get poked, they are very painful. So you have permission to create a wide circle around those bruises. It is your best chance for survival. You don’t have to engage with the thing that hurts the most. 

By “firing the haters,” you empower yourself to set boundaries, decide what is and isn’t allowed, and free yourself from other people’s bad behavior. That’s a step in the right direction. 

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