One Hour Millionaire money coach Mel joins Jillian to talk about making money compromises with her partner on the way to FIRE.

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When Jillian needed to bring another money coach onto the One Hour Millionaire team, Mel was a perfect fit. With similar stories and journeys, Mel and Jillian allow their shared passion for personal finance and helping others to fuel their work. 

Five years ago, Mel began deliberately engaging in her journey to financial independence (FI). In turn, the enthusiasm and success she was encountering in her own journey naturally morphed into opportunities to help her friends and family with their money plans. Being a part of the One Hour Millionaire allows her to extend that reach even further. 

The great thing about One Hour Millionaire is that it has all the technical pieces of the money puzzle and spends time mining the stories and emotions surrounding each person’s money situation. 

Mel came into her marriage with a history of financial insecurity. She was ready to be financially stable by any means possible. Her husband, however, had a different upbringing, and while he was a good saver, he was not “all in” when she approached him with her plan to reach FI by 2025. 

“I go to him with the plan, and he is like, “Why?” and “No, thank you. I think I’m good.”

Mel set out to do it independently, but marriage isn’t that simple, and it took some compromise from both partners. Instead of creating an intense budget, they decided to track spending to evaluate whether their spending was moving them towards their ideal life.

‘We often want to avoid the fear, the uncomfortable parts of conversations…they were important to this decision and change in our trajectory.”

Most people have the desire to pay down debt or be more well-to-do but often get stuck. This is what makes the One Hour Millionaire and the money coaching that goes with so beneficial. It helps people take that desire and create a workable plan that encompasses the numbers and the emotional layers behind our spending and saving tendencies so that we don’t get stuck.

If you are interested in learning more about the One Hour Millionaire and benefiting from Mel’s coaching included in the course, check out: https://www.jillianjohnsrud.com/one/