Kerry Ann Rockquemore started college with the dream to become a kindergarten teacher. For a middle class woman of color it was a safe and respected choice that her family supported. It wasn’t until she got into a class room of 5 years old and “got told” by a 5 year old that she was “mean, and horrible and doesn’t even like kids!” that she realized this wasn’t going to be her life long dream.

Thankfully she had an incredible college professor that encourage her to pursue her PHD and become a professor.

Sometimes our dreams change and grow. How do we transition from one to another? Kerry Ann became a successful tenured professor, teaching at esteemed Universities. But her desire shifted into wanting to mentor and coach other professors. When the door for that was shut by her employer, she found mentors in entrepreneurship. Despite that feeling scary and entirely new, she was able to build a thriving multi-million dollar coaching and consulting company for academics.

Key Lessons

  • Proximity to people who are doing the things we want to do is essential.
  • Test and Scale your ideas vs getting stuck with a big, untouched dream.
  • There is a well worn path to every outcome. Just find people who have walked that path to show you the next step.
  • Your dreams feel a long way off, but once you get started, they are often closer than you think.
  • Conversations create progress. Isolation is the dream killer. Get out of your own head and go talk to someone!
  • Fall in love with the process. If you love the process, you can get through the struggle that all dreams require.
  • “Try ideas on” with a small test and pay attention to your intuition. Does it light you up?
  • Experiment. Even if it “fails” you’ll learn something about yourself.

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