Millennial Revolutionaries, Kristy and Bryce, talk about how 2020 forced them to take a closer look at their relational portfolio and deal with the problems money couldn’t fix. 

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How often do we think, “As soon as I reach financial independence, all of my problems will be solved”? Millennial Revolutionaries, Kristy and Bryce have learned that meeting a goal, any goal, just means we’ve improved our skill level; it doesn’t fix all of our issues. 

For the highly ambitious, driven entrepreneur, the possibilities are endless. Kristy and Bryce had been very focused on the doing in the past ten years. 2020, has brought real clarity in their personal journey and in understanding that work is not our whole identity.

“It’s not about the goal, it’s about the journey…It’s really about being instead of doing. There is always something to do.”

In the last ten years, Kristy has faced her struggles with anxiety through meditation, writing, and learning how to care for herself with intention. These tools were invaluable when a global pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt and forced Bryce and Kristy home to Toronto.  

Kristy became increasingly more resolved to work on her strained relationship with her mother and knew that she needed to face these difficult feelings and past trauma in order to move forward.

“You can’t stop yourself from having feelings. You aren’t living life, you are creating this fantasy world in which everything is okay when it clearly is not” 

There is no way to predict what the next ten years will bring, but by courageously investing in our mental health we can be better prepared and less fearful about the journey ahead.