Camp Progress

Personal Growth Made Fun

Remember summer camp? Learning new skills, seeing life in a fresh way, and having fun doing it!

That’s our goal in Camp Progress. A variety of online personal growth classes to help explore ideas and perspectives that they just didn’t teach at your old summer camp. 

Plus it’s just as affordable community college.

Personal Growth classes on topics including budgeting, habits & goal setting, boundaries, and financial independence. All taught by experienced communicators who are sought after nationally in their expertise.


  Montana Retreats

In Person Events

Live events hosted in beautiful Montana, near Glacier National Park. The full “camp” experience with mountains, a rustic lodge by the lake, camp fires and maybe even a bear sighting. Multi-day events filled with teaching, small groups, fun outings, good food and soaking in the hot tub under the Montana night sky.


Camp Progress Online Classes

Boundaries Part 1

 3-hour class 

How do you gain clarity around your own boundaries and then communicate those clearly to friends, family, and at work? You'll learn how to navigate other's disappointment or pushiness. And create deeper, more honest, and fulfilling relationships!

3 hours class

Coming Soon!

Cost: $75 per person

Life Design + Habits + Goal Setting

6-hour class (2 weeks Mon & Thurs/90 min Each)

Gain clarity about how to design a life that you love! One filled with your passions, aligned to your values and that brings you joy. You'll learn how to take that vision and translate it into a workable plan with specific action steps, habits, and mindsets to support your progress.

A two-week class

Monday Oct 12th and Thursday Oct 15th. Monday 19th and Thursday 22nd. 90 minutes each. 4 classes with replays.

Starting 9 pm ET/7 pm MT/6 pm PT


Cost: $150 per person

Master Your Money

6-hour class (3 weeks/2 hours)

Ready to take control of your finances? Over three weeks your money will become stress-free as you gain clarity and confidence that your money is working for you.

A three-week class

Coming Soon!


Cost: $150 per person


Why Make Progress?

Do More of What You Love

Create some space to develop your interests and passions. If you have felt stuck or just going through the motions, Camp Progress classes can give you that jump-start to see exciting changes in your life. 

Increase Your Job Opportunities

The skills that help you get promoted, hired and succeed at work are rarely taught in school: setting boundaries, clear communication, resolving conflict, and developing strong habits.

Become a Better Learner

Do you want to be a life long learner? Give yourself the gift of structure and accountability by signing up for classes! A constant flow of learning and growth in areas that can help you make progress. 

Accomplish More

Investing in yourself gives you the mental and emotional bandwidth, habit, and tools to tackle your biggest goals. 

Improve Your Relationships

Developing more relationship skills and tools will improve your work, friendships, and family life.

Powerful Communication

Communication is a keystone skill in every personal and professional relationship. But not one we are often taught. All our classes highlight better ways to communicate about these important topics. 


What Our Students Say

The “class” atmosphere of the group coaching made me feel less alone in my personal journey and encouraged learning not only from Jillian’s experiences but from my “classmates”.  Additionally, as someone who makes greater progress with specific deadlines, having weekly sessions to prepare for was the incentive I needed to reflect on my goals and ultimately led to the decision to take a mini-retirement from work.


During (this class) we planned short term and long term goals and we set up a road map to get to financial independence. This road map included financial goals, but also made me realize that I needed to enjoy the journey along the way. As a business owner, I realized I was starting to get burnt out. I set aside some time to travel with my family and time to reflect on where I wanted to take the business. This time of travel has allowed me to re-energize and propelled me into a successful 2020. Thanks to Jillian’s help, the business is successful and I’m enjoying the journey.  



Why Learn With Camp Progress?


20 Years of Teaching Experience, Corporate to Nonprofit

From the military, corporate jobs, churches, retreats, podcasts, conferences to local groups, Jillian has taught in almost every setting.

She has been coaching for over a decade. These methods and tools have been proven effective in 100’s of 1-on-1 coaching sessions.



Priced affordably so that you can take classes all year long. Similar pricing to non-credit community college classes. Level up your relationships, personal growth and professional growth for only $25 a teaching hour. Plus you get teachers who are the most sought after in their field nationwide. 



Personal development from your own home. No need to commute or travel! All classes are live (so you can ask questions!) plus there are video replays if something comes up. 


Progress made Simple and Fun

Improving your skills and changing your life doesn’t have to be drudgery. We think it can be the best two hours of your week! 


Frequently Asked

Are sessions recorded? What if I miss a class?

The classes will be recorded! We will send you a link 48 hours after the class. You can also submit questions in advance if you know you will miss the live class. 

Can I bring a friend?

Each registration is good for 1 person. We occasionally offer a buy 1/get 1 free so that you can bring a friend. Or some courses are designed for couples, which will be indicated in the class description.

When is the next live event?

After many requests, our next event will be in Oct of 2021! Dates, pricing, and tickets will be announced soon.

What is the class size? Will I be able to ask questions?

We cap the class size at 50. That gives you a chance to see familiar faces. We have time set aside in each class for questions and will answer as many as possible. You can also submit questions ahead of time if you will miss one class time.

What do I need to attend?

All you need is a device (computer, laptop, tablet, or phone) and wifi. 

You can type in questions, but won’t be seen on video. So you can wear your comfy clothes and BYOB. 

The live videos are hosted by Webinar Jam, a very dynamic and easy to use video platform.