John Rampton shares how he develops networking connections by building authentic relationships. Jillian and John explore what it means to show up for people in a way that fosters growth, personally and professionally. 

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Jillian is joined by friend and founder of Calendar.com, John Rampton, to talk about networking for connection. John is a natural networker. He learned from a young age that to be good in the business world, you have to talk to other people.

Business partnerships are not built in a day, but through a continual process of showing up. John believes that, “One in every ten people that I help will help me back… One in out of a hundred people that I help will turn into a financial relationship… One out of a thousand will turn into a multi-million dollar relationship.”

This is similar to Jillian’s philosophy of planting one thousand seeds. Some of your relationships will amount to nothing. Other relationships will blossom into a mutually giving, open, and honest partnership, but it can’t be forced. Neither do you need to be overwhelmed trying to maintain one thousand relationships! To grow into your coal, you will need to put yourself out there, even when you don’t feel ready. Does anyone ever feel ready?

Pursuing any relationship means getting to know the true person. What are their struggles? How is their family? What is their business or pet project? You can’t expect authentic relationships if you aren’t being real with one another. So, be prepared to share your life, too. The goal is not one sided, but instead motivated by sincerity. 

“When you are helping people there should be truly no agenda. You are helping people to truly make the world a better place”

John encourages you to start slowly, especially if this is outside of your comfort zone. Keep putting yourself out there. That may mean meeting two people at an event or setting a timer so you don’t run out the door in less than ten minutes. Whatever it is, do it! See what opportunities might arise and step into them with courage.