What can happen in a decade? Join Jillian, her husband Adam, and six guests as they recount their own ten year time capsules and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way as they pursue financial independence and strive to create a life they love. 

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The right community may be the catalyst for a decade that can drastically change who you are – whether it is your financial, physical, or relational health, a lot can happen in ten years. 

Jillian is joined by her husband Adam, friends and coaching clients, Kelly, Kevin, Angel, Brankica, Melanie, and Josh. When they each found their way into the world of pursuing financial independence, they gained more than just internet encouragement. They gained a group of like-minded people to spur them on in the days of negative net worth, low self-esteem, all-consuming jobs, and floundering businesses. 

In the last decade, each person has a powerful story about how much can change in a relatively short amount of time. One consistent theme is the power of a community that started online and quickly became real life, in person, ride or die friends. They encouraged new habits and “made saving cool.” They spawned blogs, podcasts, real estate investments, and a lifelong love of learning. They taught lessons like how to trust your intuition and how to show up for others. They helped create a culture of focus and intentionality that would make 2020 not a year to be despised but a year that allowed for joy.  Looking back enables us to see that ten years is enough time to create the life you dream about. What will you do in your next decade? Glean valuable life lessons as this stellar group shares their ten-year time capsule showcasing their everyday courage.