Investing as a couple is more than just the technical aspects; it also means learning to work through the emotions of market fluctuations together.

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When Jillian sent Adam to set up their first IRA, it was an epic fail. Adam’s distrust of the market and low-risk tolerance was apparent when he arrived back home with a CD instead of an IRA. 

Now, over a decade later and many, many money conversations, Adam and Jillian have found common ground understanding both the technical and emotional aspects of investing in the stock market. 

Jillian, who had been interested in the stock market since high school (Thanks, Mr. Melhoff!), was well versed in what it meant to invest. She was prepared to handle the market’s dips and rebounds, but Adam wasn’t as eager. 

“It felt like gambling.”

So, in 2008 when they invested a significant amount of money into a tumultuous market, Adam was feeling concerned that they were losing money. Meanwhile, Jillian was excited that they were able to buy shares at a lower price! 

After fifteen years of learning to talk about not only the numbers but the emotions that are also involved in the money partnership, they have two encouragements for you: 

  1. Start conversations about investing really early. Even if you aren’t contributing a lot of money to the market, it needs to be part of your monthly money date. 
  2. Don’t just talk about the numbers. Talk about the emotions that will come with inevitable market fluctuations.