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Financial Independance + Intentional Living

Adventures to FI Community

How many people in your day to day life do you know who are:

  • Aggressively paying down debt
  • Saving 50% of their income
  • Planning to downshift
  • Travel abroad long term
  • Have rentals
  • Creating multiple streams of income

How many people we know doing these things matters! How much time we spend around them matters. And how similar we feel to them all effects our belief and behavior.

Adventures to FI is bringing like-minded people together with places to chat.

New Adventures


Every other month there will be a new 2-month adventure starting! 

Weekly prompts and a new podcast episode to keep you on track with exploring the concept

A full workbook to explore the concept deeper

FI minded Friends

Ever noticed how easy something seems when we do it with a friend? Left on our own, sometimes we feel distracted by life, overwhelmed or unsure.

Ever read a cool blog post then forget to take action as soon as you click away?

If you are going to keep making progress, it helps to have a group to regroup, refocus and clarify the next steps.

No getting stuck or quitting because you couldn’t figure out the next step!

There is a whole community of people figuring out the same things you can lean on.

Live Events

 Have the chance to go deeper! Occasional free training where online friends become real-life friends! 

Plus you’ll get first dibs on any in person events or meet ups happening. 

Adventure on your way to Finacial Independence!


The journey to FI can be long, but it can also be an adventure!

Join fellow adventures who are mastering their money: saving, investing, and growing passive income.

The Adventure to FI community is focused on living your best life sooner rather than later.

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