We are always looking for fun and tasty ways to keep our food bill low. Of course, saving money is fun. But if our food can add some entertainment and be extra yummy: that’s what we are really excited about!

Flathead Lake is a stones throw away from us, and in this perfect micro-climate beautiful, sweet, delicious bing cherries.  Orchards abound along the lake shores.  A few orchards offer U-pick for $1 a pound. This has become a yearly activity for us. We actually timed our 6 week road trip so we could be home for the cherry season. That is how much we love it!

We take all the kids, and in two hours we can pick 100lbs of cherries. The kids eat more cherries during that 2 hours than I think is humanly possible. By the end all the cherry juice has mixed with dirt, and they are covered in cherry mud.

Of course, the place we pick has it’s own private beach on the lake. This lake is so beautiful. If you have never experienced Glacier National Park or the Flathead valley, this should be your next vacation spot. The water is crystal clear. Well, it’s clear until my cherry mud children go swimming. We play and splash around on the beach till we are all sort of clean. That might count as their bath for the night.

Then over the next few days, the kids help me pit and freeze all the cherries. We add them to our oatmeal all year long. We make super yummy cherry banana smoothies. Both being an extremely affordable meal.


Sometimes people look at being frugal and spending less like it’s a horrible chore or some terrible burden that must be endured. I actually avoid most horrible chores. And refuse to do anything that is a terrible burden. We like having fun. We love tasty food. With our frugal habits, we not only get those things, but have even more money for extra adventures.

Every year we add more fun and frugal activities to our list. Picking huckleberries while hiking. Planting cherry tomatoes and eating 20 a day. Sending the kids to the backyard for a snack of raspberries. Mr. Mt processing a 2 deer which put 80lbs of meat in our freezer.  Maybe next year we will finally get to go hunt morel mushrooms!

Life is too short to take on “terrible burdens”. It’s worth your time to find fun, affordable ways to enjoy your days. Having all that extra cash in your back account will feel like a cool bonus.

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