Nick True has done what most people consider impossible. He had no prior industry knowledge, no contact, and no in-demand skill set. Despite those barriers, he built up enough freelance income for him and his wife to travel full time in their airstream. He wrote an amazing guest post about how to get started freelancing. No matter if you are looking for some side income, a part-time retirement gig or you want to hit the road like him.

We chatted over ice cream about how to use conferences to build relationships. How he found his first few clients at conferences. And why relationships and growth are key to building your own business. (Plus you won’t want to miss the look of terror when I ask him to try dance walking!) Make sure you check out his awesome post on how to get started step by step.


Show Notes:

  • 0:21 Nick eat swirl ice cream because he can’t decide, my vanilla reasoning is even less flattering
  • 0:50 What helped to get started as a freelancer?
  • 1:10 How he self-taught the skills he needed and focused on relationships
  • 1:50 How do you even build relationships with people online?!? We wants to know!
  • 2:00 Nick used to stink at seeing the value of relationships (I’m feeling less alone now!)
  • 2:20 The book that changed his whole outlook on relationship building. (It only have 4.5 stars and 7,000+ reviews on Amazon)
  • 2:58 The geese hate conferences, they totally disagree with this suggestion
  • 3:30 How do I build relationships if I live in the middle of nowhere?
  • 3:57 Nick says no excuses, get face time or regular communication with people
  • 4:30 How to prepare to get the most relationship building out of conferences
  • 5:17 Nick takes relationship next level here folks! This is super smart.
  • 5:50 I was super sad to miss my first FinCon so here’s what I did instead
  • 7:20 Nick denies being a 36-year-old mountain man
  • 7:49 You all ready to see Nick totally scared?!?
  • 8:20 This is the only reason you’re still watching…..Dance Walking!!!!! Ah, I laugh every time. =)