3 hour class

How do we know our boundaries and communicate those to others in a clear and kind way? We will look at 5 areas of your life: work/volunteer, romantic relationships, kids, extended family, and friends.

Level - Beginner

All foundational ideas will be covered as well as specific tools.

Saturday Sept 19th


Course Objectives & Outcomes

Have you ever felt burned out or frustrated by all the demands put on you? This boundaries class covers all the essential tools to help you reclaim your time, emotional energy, and focus. And put them back where they belong: in your skills, goals and values. No more running yourself ragged trying to accommodate everyone else’s agenda. Instead you can bring your best self to your work, relationships, and schedule.  


8 Essential Areas to Create Boundaries

Time, money, preference, skill set, goals/values, personality, emotional, and relationship expectations.


Know Thyself

You have to fully understand where your boundaries are to be able to communicate those with others.


How Clarity and Honesty Builds Trust

Adding more honesty to your relationships can help build stronger, deeper relationships.


Dealing with Bad Characters

Learn how to confidently understand and handle people who are attacking, controlling, or manipulative.


Frameworks for Our 5 Life Areas

Specific examples for work/volunteer, romantic relationship, kids, friends and extended family.


Re-frame Other's Disappointment and Frustration

How other’s disappointment when you say “no” can actually be a path forward to more productive options. 

Ready to Make Progress?

Jillian Johnsrud

Jillian Johnsrud

Ready to have a little fun while you make progress on communicating your boundaries with clarity and kindness? Boundaries can strengthen your relationships and help you make progress on your goals! 

That’s what Camp Progress is all about!

All the personal growth and learning, just like summer camp.

And affordable like a community college class.

Except I’m your teacher! 

Smaller classes so you can ask a questions. Live video classes with video replays (because life gets crazy!)





Course Dates/Times

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Saturday course

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