“Nobody cares”, is an unusual nugget of advice, but MK Williams is here to bring her honest and helpful encouragement to anyone ready to make the next decade worthwhile. 

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When asked what she wished she had known ten years ago, MK Williams responded, “I wish I had known that nobody cares”. 

After leaving college with $20,000 of student debt and entering a crummy job market, MK found her escape in her love of writing. While not great at grammar, it seemed nothing more than a hobby to get her through the struggles of young adulthood. 

Within two years she had buckled down and paid off her debt. Now, in 2020 (though a similar economic climate) she is financially independent, a full-time writer, and business owner. 

While we understand time conceptually, we don’t always understand what we can actually accomplish in ten years. 

“There is so much time in a decade. You can absolutely get there.” 

While her writing and business careers started organically it was her commitment to the process, and self-admitted stubbornness, that helped her reach her goals. 

We often believe that if we can prepare enough, think it through enough, or perfect it enough everything will work out. The reality is that transition is scary! 

MK just went for it and when things didn’t work out, she was thankful her audience wasn’t too big yet. 

Learning to follow the internal nudges and cues instead of falling into the trap of listening to societal expectations, of how things are supposed to go or how professionals in this certain field are supposed to act, frees us from losing sight of our goals and becoming paralyzed by our fear of messing something up. 

The reality is that MK is right. No one really cares. If something doesn’t work out, we don’t have to wallow in angst over it, we can merely pivot. Chances are no one will even remember. 

Committing to the process and embracing progress, regardless of outcomes, will help us utilize our next ten years well.